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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Blingy glitter NOTD over O.P.I. Ink

Blingy glitter NOTD over O.P.I. Ink nail polish
First of all, this is a nail art fail.
The GOT Polish Challenge must include a polish you have owned for at least one year. So far, I have tried to include either a nail polish or nail art accessories I have owned for 12 months. This time, though, everything featured here has been in my stash for more than a year.
This week's theme is "bling". I have pretty much thrown every bit of shine and bling I could at my nails, literally plastering them in glitter. The result, which you will see below in a minute, is not very pretty. But aesthetic appeal was sacrificed in favour of going way too over the top. But I have made up my mind to share my nail art fails as well as the ones that look decent - and I get it wrong quite a lot.

My base colour for this manicure is the gorgeous O.P.I. Ink nail polish, which I have swatched by itself.

O.P.I. Ink is a deep "blurple" - I know, I hate portmanteau words as well - which was part of OP.I.'s Night Brights Collection. It actually looks like ink. A super-deep blue with purple tone and blue and pink microshimmer. The first photograph, above, was with flash, while the second one below was taken in natural light.
Blingy glitter NOTD over O.P.I. Ink nail polish
Check out the blurple gloriousness in the photo above! I got full opacity in two coats - there was some streaking in one coat, but the second coat put paid to that. Drying time? Great! Some tipwear in two days' time. I wanted to share photos of O.P.I. Ink before the failed nail art attempt so that the gorgeousness of this polish would not be lost.
Now for the mess I made with glitter and stones. I dipped my nails - as soon as I applied a layer of topcoat - in a pot of loose round glitter for the thumb and index finger. This was the ugliest part of the mani. Ugh! I followed suit with smaller glitter for the middle finger and pinky. This was the part I liked about this mani - the small glitter gives a nice texture to the nails. The remnants of larger glitter on the middle finger are because I had experimented with a design before giving it up. Finally, I placed stones in a haphazard pattern on the ring finger. Overkill!
Blingy glitter NOTD over O.P.I. Ink nail polish
I know I have gone and over-egged the pudding, especially with that monstrosity on the thumb and index finger. Please do be kind although I know you are justified in wanting to pull apart this failed mani to bits.
This is my entry to the GOT Polish Challenge for the theme "bling". I certainly have stuck to the theme, haven't I? I cannot wait for next week's challenge! I picked up an idea from a nail polish group and hope to replicate it.

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