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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Beginning my beauty blog

How I began my beauty and makeup blog
After cramming quite a few shelves with makeup and skin and hair care products and after a three-year stint in feature writing and editing, I thought about starting my beauty blog. But beginning a beauty blog wasn't an easy decision. I have been a makeup addict for the last four or so years - a proud tomboy before that - but the idea of sharing my stash and makeup thoughts with people over the internet had never struck me, until sheer boredom on a slow day at work set in, and I began reading makeup blogs. The slow day turned into a slow week (lucky me!) and I decided to jot down ideas for my own beauty blog.

My journey in the makeup world commenced only at the ripe age of 18. This was despite Mom buying me my first lipstick at age 15 (Revlon Dune Rose – I still have it). I then spent a while with just lipstick - no foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara - not even nail polish. And then, I reverted to no makeup at all. But I was bitten by the makeup bug around the time of my first job, and began wearing eyeliner and lipstick and some compact powder, to counteract the oily shine on my face. It wasn't till the latter half of 2010 that I went in for foundation. I remember telling the SA at Sephora in Seattle in 2010 that "I didn't need so much makeup" and "never used mascara or eyeshadow". But they reeled me in, nonetheless, in subsequent years.
I still wasn't ready to begin a beauty blog, despite a decent stash - both photographs are only a part of my stash and were taken last year before the house was painted, so I'd know how to rearrange things. A million apprehensions remained. Is there space on the internet for another beauty blog? Who would read it? Why would my blog stand out? I read up some more.
1. There is space for all of us beauty bloggers. Just as there  is space for all writers. Just because Dan Brown's books sold well, it doesn't mean you can't try to write one, does it?
2. Who would read it? Well, whoever likes it! When D.B. wrote his first book, I bet he wondered about this too, and the answer was just that - whoever liked it!
3. Well, I am not a makeup expert. I can - at the time of beginning this blog - barely manage to blend out eyeshadow. I have a wonky tooth, a snub nose and oily skin - and loads of diffidence. Initially very reluctant, I decided that this would be my USP - your next-door makeup junkie's journey through the world of makeup.
So why "Beauty Junction?
I do not have flawless skin. I have a wonky tooth and a slight snub-nose (and loads of diffidence, obviously). - See more at:
I do not have flawless skin. I have a wonky tooth and a slight snub-nose (and loads of diffidence, obviously). - See more at:

It is an area in my house (in south India) where my room, dressing room and bathroom meet.
It began with “my beauty spot” – a corner in my dressing room. Soon, it overflowed, took over all of my dressing room and bathroom and a part of my room – the part unoccupied by books and collectibles.
Anyway, this is what my beauty junction looks like now - excluding the stuff on the table, the cupboard and the window sills, excluding the lipsticks, nail polishes, nail art material and so on.... More pictures coming soon. This is exciting, and I hope there are people who will share my beauty adventures and makeup discoveries! 

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