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Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Lancome Genefique Yeux Light Pearl

Thanks to insufficient sleep, staring at computers, reading in dim light, forgetting to bring sunglasses, low water intake and other forms of eye abuse, I have mild dark circles, tired lines and mild eye bags. I've used a tonne of products which have made my eye-area feel better and moisturised, but which didn't really make a difference to the problems mentioned.
I've used samples of Genefique Yeux and wanted a full-size, but then I heard that Genefique Yeux Light Pearl was an improvement on it, so I decided to get it. I love the bottle it comes in. It looks very luxe, and you can see how much of the product is left.
Check out the ingredients list - no parabens! 
On opening the bottle, you find an applicator which is a steel "bead", attached to the lid. The bead rotates 360 degrees. It is meant to massage the product over the dark circles and lines. All you have to do to apply the product is roll the bead over the eye area.The product itself is a milky liquid that is neither too runny nor too viscose. I can't tell you if it has a fragrance, as I have a stuffy nose.
Here are my findings about Lancome Genefique Yeux Light Pearl.
1. It is easily absorbed into the skin, so you can use it below make-up.
2. It feels cool when applied, and the bead manages to get into all the corners.
3.There is neither greasy feeling nor tightening.
4. There has been noticeable reduction in dark circles for me over the last four days. I'll say it under oath.
5. My eyes look less tired and a bit more "open", if you know what I mean. I didn't say it, the people around me did.
6. My sleep timings have improved greatly so the banishing of the eye bags could be attributed to that, rather than this. However, there is no change in (very) fine lines.
7. I tend to get out too much of the product each time. They've recommended turning the applicator around within the lid to knock off the excess. I've tried this and it doesn't work for me.
8. I get the product in my eyes, especially the right eye, each time. It does not irritate, though.
9. The skin around my eyes looks and feels less rough and dry.
10. No milia or pimples. No side-effects.
The product insert claims it will get rid of dark circles, eyebags and fine lines "over time" and that this is the result of 12 years of research.
I'm really happy with this product. It is high-end, but you only need the teensiest amount per use and one bottle will last for a good while. Also, I'm seeing some positive results. Not dramatic overnight change, but gradual improvement.
Will I repurchase? Hell, yes! The moment it looks like I'm running out!

P.S. I bought this with my own money; Lancome has no idea that I even exist!

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