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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Meet the rockstar of makeup: Review of theBalm's Balm Jovi, my favourite palette

After 160-odd posts, I realise I haven't talked about my favourite palette of all time.
I adore Bon Jovi; they're one of my top two rock bands ever. Keep reading till the end of the post to identify the other one. Having rock-fan parents, I grew up on Keep The Faith, You Give Love A Bad Name and Wanted Dead Or Alive. The moment I heard theBalm had a palette called "Balm Jovi" I knew it would rock. In fact, it's a palette even my Dad took a look at.
Look. At. That. Packaging. And the tagline is "Living On A Stare." Whoever names these things must have been a copy-writer or a sub somewhere. And, did you read the "review" by the Rolling Tone Magazine? I share those sentiments.
For those who don't give a toss for the packaging, theBalm's Balm Jovi palette offers a lovely set of 12 super-pigmented eyeshadows, a highlighter, a blush and two lip colours.

I'll mention the packaging just the one more time - the magnetic case opens so you can have only the two lip colours exposed, or just the eyeshadows. Brilliant. There is not an earthy chance of mixing the shadows on the lippies. Plus, there are colour-combo ideas on the flap and a heart-shaped mirror.
Coming to the products themselves - the lip/cheek colours are named Milly and Vanilly :) Milly is a subtle pink, perfect for every day. And Vanilly has established itself as my favourite red, since the application method lets me really tone it down. Obviously I use these as lip and not cheek colours. Applied with a lip brush (Vintage Cosmetic Company), the staying power is very good; no bleeding, no dryness noticed. On the downside, each time I apply either of these, I feel like singing, Girl You Know It's True.
Coming to the luminiser and blush, they are named Disco Disco Solid Gold luminizer and Pop! Pop! Don't You Want Me blush. These are actually Mary Lou-manizer and Frat Boy! A little bit of the luminiser above the cheek bones works well for me; and I actually like this blush though I don't really like blushes as a rule.
Now the shadows. There are three sections: Heavy Metal, Classical and Alternative. There is great versatility here, as in all palettes from theBalm - none of your "too many darks" or "too many lights"; there's a good balance and a lovely range. The four Heavy Metal shadows are obviously the shimmery ones, though nothing too shimmery for comfort, and named after some iconic bands. And no fall out. The Classical shadows are lovely, buttery mattes with great pigmentation, named after musical terms/markers. And the Alternative shadows are pearly ones, again, named after bands (I keep thinking of Enema Of The State with one of these).
I didn't swatch them all. After the one insane time I squeezed in 48 shadows on one forearm, I've become thinner and can't even fit 12 in. Here are my favourite crease shades - Presto, Lead Zeppelin and Alice Copper (typed Led and Cooper there) - swatched once each with a finger and worn without primer or anything. I also swatched the lip colours And the light has hit Milly; there is no shimmer, but Vanilly came out looking right.
What I would love to see: A sequel named I Can't Get No Shadow-Factions? Or Shade Me Up? Or Beast of Blendin'? Jumpin' Jane Lash? Playing With Flair? After the other giant favourite of mine :) I hope someone from theBalm sees this and says, "It's a gas, gas, gas Yes, Yes, Yes!"

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