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Saturday, October 19, 2013

EOTD: Green-eyed monstrosity with Golden Rose Cosmetics

I used to dislike coloured eyeshadows but ever since I began blogging, I've loved the blues, greens and maroons. You can achieve a subtle enough look with any colour, once you step outside the neutral/brown comfort zone. Green is a colour that will pair well with most eye colours and skin tones. I figured I would go for a bright teal-green look, with Halloween around the corner. Here's a look from the Golden Rose eyeshadow duo I received in my last beauty box swap with a pair of Greek bloggers (see here) - doused in Beauty So Clean overnight and sun-bathed till the palette even developed its own tan.

The palette had average pigmentation. Both colours were matte. I particularly liked the deeper teal-green shade. The other was more difficult to work with, so I ended up building the deeper shade on the crease and applying it mildly all over. I also used the teal-green side of the dual-ended pencil from Beauty Line Cosmetics on the upper lash line. It wasn't very creamy and needed a bit of rubbing to and fro before the colour showed up.

I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance as primer and finished off with Bourjois Rotating Mascara - my favourite drugstore mascara. I hope they never stop making these. My lashes are usually non-existent and non-curled, but this mascara makes them look decent and somewhat curled, since I won't use a lash curler. Please ignore my eyebrows; they're growing out till December.
I'm glad I was able to salvage at least the eyeshadows from the swap. Since I'm not comfortable with pastel shades, I'm going to try something from the Sleek Candy Collection palette soon and see how that works out. What did you think of these colours? Hit or miss? Would you step out of the neutral zone and go in for brights?

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