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Thursday, June 26, 2014

ElevEase Shower Step foot rest review

ElevEase Shower Step System review
This is my shower. I am going to tell you about the lifesaver in the lower corner.
A couple of years ago, I was involved in a motorbike accident. A colleague and I had stepped out for lunch and I was riding pillion on her new motorbike when a car hit us. I "flew", crashed on the car, shattered the windshield so it looked like cobwebs, and fell on the road. Nothing happened to anyone else thankfully, but I came to in the neuro-intensive care unit with occipital haematoma and bad hip and back injuries. I was off work for three months. I can never touch my toes again without bending the knees, or ever sit cross-legged on the floor. I continue my tomboy lifestyle, gymming and pilates, though. As a result, my back gives way sometimes, and then, painting my toes, cutting my toenails or applying a foot scrub, doing a pedicure or shaving my legs become strenuous.
Forget my accident - how many of us  have hated the bending and the one-foot-up position to wash, scrub, shave or towel our feet and legs? I recently heard about the ElevEase Shower Step, a foot rest, and was sent one to try out.

Here is my experience with the ElevEase Shower Step.

It all began in a college dormitory. Second-year student Aoife O'Driscoll was, like many of us, sick of the awkward bending and the one-legged stance we go through in the shower to shave, wash or scrub. "I was frustrated with doing a balancing act everytime when trying to shave," she says. "It dawned on me when thinking about it that there was a host of other uses for the Shower Step besides shaving - washing, exfoliating, moisturising...."
She shared her ideas with an entrepreneur named Dave Brennan when she interviewed him for a college assignment. Suddenly, it was no longer a concept, but reality.
ElevEase Shower Step System reviewElevEase Shower Step System review

What is the ElevEase Shower Step?

The ElevEase Shower Step is a foot rest that you install in the corner of your shower. The idea is to put up your feet - one foot at a time, rather - to wash, scrub, exfoliate, shave, clip toenails and so on, without the need to bend, and while maintaining your balance.
Made of sturdy plastic, it comes in white and chrome finishes. I picked white as I felt chrome would stick out by a few miles in my shower. There is a little groove to hold a razor and the surface of the Shower Step is designed so your foot will not slip even if there is lather. The Shower Step is easy to clean.
ElevEase Shower Step System reviewElevEase Shower Step System review

How to install the ElevEase Shower Step

The box comes with a seriously strong, specially formulated epoxy - installation is simple. All you have to do is clean the surface, use the adhesive to fix the Shower Step, and let it stand for 24 hours.
ElevEase Shower Step System review
I recommend precise measurements here. Take a shower first and find out how far you can put one foot up against the wall and remain comfy. Mark that place with an old lipstick or something and install the Shower Step to that height. ElevEase recommends knee height.
ElevEase Shower Step System review

Benefits of the ElevEase Shower Step

The beauty of this system is that you do not have to bend, if you install it at the right height. The Shower Step makes it a super easy task to rest a foot and scrub, chop, shave, paint, tan or cast evil spells moisturise. When you shower without bending and raise just the one foot, there is a question of imbalance. In this case, that does not arise, as one foot rests on the Shower Step while the other is on the floor, which is a stable position.
"I just knew that this step would help women all over the world," says Aofie. I firmly believe she is right.
I can tell you that the ElevEase Shower Step is an absolute blessing for anyone, not just those with a bad back. I don't know how I managed without it. In fact, my Gran, who has had knee replacement, wants one, as also my Dad, who says his knee aches sometimes. I am gifting one to a pregnant cousin. It makes even towelling your legs much easier. The ElevEase Shower Step is available here for $16.99. They ship worldwide. It is also sold on Amazon.
Disclosure: This was sent to me by the company for editorial consideration. No further compensation was received. The opinions are my own.

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