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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wishtrend Bestseller Trial Kit review

Wishtrend Bestseller Trial Kit review, unboxing
For someone who had never bought a beauty box until February 2013 and had expressed surprise and shock on this blog, over the very idea of paying for samples which may or may not work, I have come a long way and am now addicted to beauty boxes! The surprise element and the idea of discovering new products are too appealing to resist.
Korea-based Wishtrend is one of my favourite beauty box retailers - they ship worldwide. They release new boxes sporadically, but the boxes are extremely good! You can see my review of their Cleansing box here, and Wishbox 14 here and Wishbox 15 here. Their Bestseller Trial Kit is a little ziplock bag containing their most popular skincare products. It costs just $3.99 and you get multiple sachets of the same product, so you get a reasonable quantity to try out before buying full-sized products, and they always send along a few extra sachets with each order.

Read on for my review of the Wishtrend Bestseller Trial Kit.

Here are the contents:

Klairs Black Sugar Facial Polish x 2

This is a really nice face scrub which does not feel abrasive on my sensitive skin. I have tried it just once so far and love it. Each sachets contains enough for two uses.

Skin & Lab Fre-C Sun Protector x 3

I have got these sunscreens before in previous Wish Boxes. These contain vitamins C and E and murumuru seed butter. Anything with SPF50 is always welcome and I have already put these in my travel bag.
Wishtrend Bestseller Trial Kit review, unboxing

Skin & Lab Red Serum x 3

I have not tried this serum before, but this is a cult product in Korea. Five days' usage is supposed to give you noticeably even skintone and better texture. There is enough for a five-day trial, since they have sent me a couple of samples with my order as well.

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

I have used this before, having received it in a previous Wish Box. It removes blackheads and whiteheads around the nose. I am not a fan of these strips but they are nice to use when you are in the tub or reading, or both.

Brilliant Loveheart Lip Care

I have used Brilliant Sparkling Powder before and loved it. This is a 100% hydrogel lip mask. I love using them and will keep this for a weekend pampering session.
Wishtrend included these additional samples with my order. I cannot wait to try out the argan treatment oil.
Wishtrend Bestseller Trial Kit review, unboxing


For $3.99, I love that you get to try 10 sachets, not to mention the freebies with the order. And Wishtrend customer care is brilliant. My Klairs foaming cleanser had leaked out and they shipped out a replacement pronto via express and it reached in four days. Compare that with another Korean beauty box - I am still awaiting a proper reply to my complaint about a missing box.
You can get the sample kit here. As my total order was above $70, I did not pay postage, which should vary depending on the region and the products ordered. The Cleansing box is still available here. You can check out all the Wishtrend beauty boxes here. If you use code 221183107, you get $5 off. Code WISHSEP2014 gets you 10% off orders above $55 in September 2014.
Disclaimer: I paid for the box; affiliate links.

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