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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

The March 2015 #LFBeautyBox claims to be worth £71.48. Is it?

LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

The March 2015 LookFantastic Box was supposed to contain beauty products worth  £71.48. Thirty lucky people also received a GHD Gold Styler as a surprise bonus *looks incredibly jealous here*. My box cost about £10 as I am now on an annual subscription and long-term payment = savings. An individual LookFantastic beauty box costs  £15, and postage charges may or may not apply depending on whether tracking is involved. Oh, and they ship worldwide. You can find out how to order at the end of this post.
Usually, I love my LookFantastic beauty boxes since their launch in September 2014. Find out my thoughts on the March 2015 edition.

Check out my unboxing of the March 2015 LookFantastic Beauty Box below.

I received:

  1. The Wet Brush - the Squirt version
  2. Bliss FatGirlSlim
  3. Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour in Gilt
  4. Cowshed Lippy Cow lip balm
  5. Caudalie Polyphenol Anti-wrinkle Defence Serum
  6. Lord & Berry kajal mini eyeliner pencil
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review
Three of these are full-sized - the lip balm, the Nudestix and the Lil' Wet Brush. My first impressions of each:

The Wet Brush - the Squirt / Lil' version in green

I already have the regular, large-sized Wet Brush, and a blue mini. This is the best detangling brush I have tried so far and I was thinking of getting another petite version for a second handbag - great timing. Worth £7. Can't find fault with this inclusion. I am someone who always misplaces my brushes so I cannot have too many.
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

Bliss FatGirlSlim 60ml

A firming and toning body cream. Not a fan of that atrocious, politically-incorrect name despite the rap reference. Just take a leaf out of Soap & Glory, who named their firming cream "The Firminator". I like body creams and moisturise all over two times a day, so this will be used, though I don't need firming. Worth £10.
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour in Gilt 2.8g

This is the product I love the most in this beauty box. I have been wanting to try Nudestix eyeshadow crayons from the moment they came out and here we go! Super-creamy! I was expecting them to be a tad dry like the Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow pencils but these are a huge improvement on that formula! I want the lot! These come in collectable tins with mirrors but I didn't get the packaging. Worth £24 - I know, right! That's a lot more than an Urban Decay lipstick.
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm 5ml

I adore Cowshed skincare products and this lip balm is no exception. Containing linden blossom, rose geranium and ylang ylang, this smells great and feels even better. You cannot have enough lip balms. Worth £5.
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

Caudalie Polyphenol Anti-wrinkle Defence Serum 10ml

This month, LookFantastic sent out Nuxe or Caudalie skincare. I love both brands. This is a 10ml sample. It goes to my Mum with her Mother's Day hamper, since I am on a new skincare regimen right now and don't have wrinkles *crosses fingers*.
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review

Lord & Berry kajal eyeliner pencil in Travel Black 0.7g

Argh! WHY? Why is there a mini-black-pencil-liner epidemic in beauty boxes?? And Lord & Berry.... Words fail me! What next, a solitary Q-tip? At least I can use that for something. Beauty boxes should stop sending out these black pencil liners (along with foil sachets and 1ml perfume vials), especially the mini ones. Unless there's something different about them. A different shade. A high-end brand. With a built-in sharpener and mirror or smudge brush. Or at least change up between liquid, pencil and gel formulae. Not these boring mini-pencils every blasted time.
The product card says this MINI Lord & Berry pencil is worth £10. Really?? A full-sized Crayon Kohl from Lancome in Noir cost me £10.49 in December. Without any offers or discounts. Full-sized. Lancome.
LookFantastic Beauty Box March 2015 unboxing, review


I loved getting the Nudestix pencil, a mini Wet Brush and the Cowshed lip balm. So that's three out of six products I loved. Thankfully, my box only cost £10 because of the long-term subscription, which isn't too bad for three full-sized products I will use.
I prefer previous LookFantastic beauty boxes over this one. If you look at the photograph featuring all the products, you will see that it is a bit... thinned out, compared to previous months.
This box doesn't look to be worth the £71.48 they claim - the brush is £7, the body cream £10 and the lip balm is £5 while Nudestix sells for £24. That is still only £46. I refuse to peg the mini liner pencil at £10 when it is clearly a sample from Lord & Berry, while the Caudalie serum is a 10ml sample!
I hope LookFantastic comes out with a brilliant box for April (my birthday month). Their previous offerings have been so good, as you can see here, which is why I will persist. If you would like to subscribe, go here. You can pre-order up to next year and a long-term subscription saves you quite a bit of money.

Do you like receiving mini black eyeliner pencils regularly in beauty boxes? Or do you think they "over-send" them? Tell me in the Disqus comments widget below.

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