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Friday, March 13, 2015

MUA Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette swatches, review

Rosy-neutral Spring 2015 palette from Makeup Academy.

MUA Makeup Academy Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette review, swatches

Makeup Academy (MUA) makes some amazing eyeshadow palettes and they cost just £4 on an average. The latest in their inventory is the Spring Break Palette, for Spring 2015. It contains some shimmery roses, soft pinks and neutrals with a couple of other shades thrown in for good measure. Very fresh, Spring-y shades, and I have a weakness for rosy, lilac and soft rose-gold shadows, so I declared my intention to buy this palette on social media as soon as I saw this on the MUA website. And, much to my delight, the eyeshadows were even more attractive in person!

Check out the review and swatches of the Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette from Makeup Academy (MUA). 

As is the norm from most large MUA palettes, this contains 12 eyeshadows, in the usual plastic packaging. And a super-crummy applicator which is good for swatching and for picking up lint spots from the mirror.
As can be expected from MUA palettes, there is a bit of fallout, particularly from a couple of shades. But the quality of eyeshadows - pigmentation and texture - has improved even further from the Glitterball, Glamour Days and Immaculate palettes, which were my previous purchases from MUA. 
At first glance, I thought these would be too pale for anyone beyond NC25, but apart from two of the shades and the mandatory highlighter shade, the others aren't bad and can be pulled off by everyone.
MUA Makeup Academy Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette review, swatches
The shades have names. They are:
Row 1 from left: Refine, Cherub, Amber, Spearmint, Posy, Sorrel
Row 2 from left: Aurora, Bronze Blush, Catacomb, Sea Foam, Gold Khaki and Damson.

Refine is the only matte in the lot. It is super-pretty.
Cherub has more fallout than a nuke bomb; the chunky glitter goes away and leaves behind a pretty light rose.
Amber is a beautiful copper-gold.
Spearmint is a silver that will look horrible on me.
Posy is a lovely soft shimmery rose.
Sorrel is a bronze-brown.
Aurora is a highlighter - at least, on my skintone.
Bronze Blush reminds me of Lancome Blush Subtil in Shimmer Mocha Havana, though this is a lot deeper. Think deep brown with mocha and pink undertones.
Catacomb is second to Cherub in fallout and tends to disappear into my skintone. Perfect for a no-makeup makeup look on me.
Seafoam, my least favourite of the lot, is a frosty, pale aqua colour. Hate frosty shadows.
Gold Khaki is exactly what the name says.
Damson is a beautiful deep purple.

I have swatched these in the order of the shade names. All in direct sunlight, without primer.
MUA Makeup Academy Spring Break Eyeshadow Palette review, swatches

Spearmint and Sea Foam are way too pale for my skintone. The rest of these will definitely be used and loved! I can get even more depth on some of these shades with primer. Refine, Posy, Amber, Sorrel, Bronze Blush, Gold Khaki and Damson have all performed very well on my eyelids (I always wear primer on my lids). They haven't creased or faded all day; nor have I had fallout once I applied them. I haven't worn the other shades yet.


This is my favourite eyeshadow palette for Spring 2015 so far. With the exception of Spearmint and Sea Foam, I love the shades. The pigmentation is very good for the price and the texture of the shadows has improved over the last couple of years. At £4 (I got it for £3 with a discount code), what's not to love? This is such a soft palette with rosy-neutral goodness and you can get some romantic Spring looks out of these shadows, but I wish that godawful aqua mess had been excluded. Someday, I would love to see a rose- and lilac-only palette from MUA.
Get your Spring Break palette and a tonne of other makeup here from MUA. If you have never tried MUA makeup, you NEED to! The quality is far better than what you would expect for the price and you can go on adding things to your cart and still not break the bank. For those living in countries where MUA does not sell or ship, go here and do a quick search - am sure you'll find some of these and, believe me, they are so worth it!
P.S. The MUA Makeup Academy line is based in the UK and is different from the similarly-named line sold in some CVS stores in the US. 

What Spring 2015 makeup are you loving so far? Tell me in the Disqus comments widget below!

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