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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beauty Products Emptied in August 2016 + Link-up

I may not be able to post later this week, as I'm travelling, so I decided to do the monthly Beauty Empties post a little earlier than usual. This time, I have a bunch of favourite face care products to show you, especially my favourite Vitamin C and Snail products. Keep reading!

Scroll down for a look at the beauty products I used up in August 2016, and my quick impressions of each.
 Beauty product empties for August 2016 and quick impressions.

Face care products

OST C20 Vitamin C Serum x 2

Genius product. Best Vitamin C on EARTH. This is 20% pure L-Ascorbic Acid. It wages war on post-acne dark marks. I finish one of these every four to six weeks, now that I use them two times a day.
Repurchase? Three unopened bottles are in my 'fridge, and I also have three bottles of C21 now - there's a 3-for-2 offer ongoing. Stay tuned for my thoughts on C21.

Mizon Snail Intensive Ex Repair Ampoule

This is the extreme/excellent/exquisite/other epithet version of the regular Mizon Snail Intensive Ampoule. What does it DO? Regenerate the skin. Resurface post-acne scars. Slowly, but surely.
Repurchase? Three unopened bottles. Will buy another three shortly. Will never be without this.

Chico-Chica B-Salic 2.0 (sample)

This is a BHA chemical exfoliant for the skin. I was unsure about efficacy, since I already have the maximum strength Stridex pads, but I was surprised how well Beta Salic works - probably because it is left on for longer. And, it sucks out gunk from active acne nicely.
Repurchase? Done.

Dr MJ Real Mucin Snail Restore Cream

This was the only not-so-great face product this month. It was super-slimy, slimier than 80%-snail-mucin Mizon, slimier than 92%-snail-mucin CosRx. However, unlike the former two, it did not do much except make my face greasy. And I am already very oily, thank you very much. 
Repurchase? No. Mizon makes far better snail products, AND they insist that the snails are not harmed. 
 Beauty product empties for August 2016 and quick impressions.

Bath & Body, Cleansers and Masks

Clean 100% Cotton Perfume sample

Fresh fragrance for the daytime, especially in the Summer.
Repurchase? No, I prefer something more floral.

Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream 

From the LookFantastic Advent Calendar. Very soft, light and creamy, with very mild fragrance.
Repurchase? No, got several other hand creams. 

TheFaceShop Soothing Mask Sheet

I have a few of these masks. They do a nice job hydrating the face and are a nice cooling option for the Summer.
Repurchase? Several left.

Etude House Collagen Eye Patches

These are a regular in Korean beauty boxes and as GWPs. I love them. They are supposed to ease out fine lines with regular use, but I cannot vouch for this. They do intensely hydrate the under-eye area and calm puffiness.
Repurchase? No need to - these keep coming as freebies whenever I make a Korean haul.

Tony Moly Tomatox Massage Pack

Brilliant for a night of self-pampering. This stuff beats whatever they use in spas/salons any day. I want a lifetime supply.
Repurchase? Done.

Mizon Vita Lemon Sparkling Powder

This set provides a very fizzy instant facial. Dissolve both powders into a tub of water and dunk your face in as soon as it fizzes up. Great fun, and nice tingly feel. And instant brightness.
Repurchase? Eventually.

Happy Bath Facial Yoghurt Foam

This wasn't a very foaming cleansing, but I loved the yoghurt smell and feel to it. However, I can live without it and have other favourite cleansers. Also, this one doesn't battle makeup very well.
Repurchase? Nope.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

If you are transitioning away from foaming cleansers, or want a start with clay cleansers, this is the ideal first stop. Will do a detailed post sometime this century.
Repurchase? I have another bottle of this, but have moved on to more clay-ey clay cleansers. 
 Beauty product empties for August 2016 and quick impressions.

Hair care, makeup and toners

TheFaceShop Rice Ceramide Moisture Toner

Decent. Thicker than how I like my toners.
Repurchase? No, I prefer Thayer's rose and aloe toner for hydration. 

Percy & Reed Voluminising No Oil Oil

HOW am I supposed to live without the most brilliant finishing product I've come across recently? This comes in two variants - for fine hair, and for thick hair. Mine is the latter. For products that wow, Percy & Reed is quite reasonably priced. 
Repurchase? Definitely.

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid-Powder Foundation

Liquid-powder foundations were all the rage last year. I like this even better than YSL Fusion Ink, which made such waves when it came out. It has a nice second-skin finish and you don't need setting powder afterwards.
Repurchase? I have a bottle already.

Etude House Wonder Pore Toner sample

This toner is the bestselling product in Etude House's skincare range. It claims to do pretty much everything - pH balancing (at 4.5), sebum control, hydration, deep pore cleansing, exfoliation... Either way, this is a great one-stop option for the mornings when you don't want a separate toner for hydration and another for pH balance/mild exfoliation.
Repurchase? I have a full bottle of the stuff.

Avalon KeraCare Anti-Dandruff Moisturising Conditioner

Since I only CO-wash, I find it difficult to get anti-dandruff products - there are more anti-dandruff shampoos out there than conditioners. This is one of those exceptions. Only gripe is, this is a tad greasy, so I have to make sure I rinse every bit of it out thoroughly, to avoid using dry shampoo on the very night I wash my hair.
Repurchase? I would buy either this or Jason's Tea Tree anti-dandruff condish. They're both great.
 Beauty product empties for August 2016 and quick impressions.

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