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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Beauty Products Used Up in December 2016, Link Party

Because of all the Holiday fun, I forgot to show you my December empties. 2016 has been one bittersweet ride. Not as bad as my personal annus horribilus, which was 2012, but still among the top three horrible years of my life. I spent eight months on antibiotics. I spent almost five months in HIDING because of cystic acne. I missed my parents' wedding anniversary dinner for the second time ever. I didn't celebrate a bunch of other joyous events.
The bright spots? I spent more time with my grandparents (even THEY flinched at the sight of my face). I learned about and began adhering to a proper skincare regimen. I began learning two new languages and signed up for two other study courses. 
Hopefully 2017 will be a fresh start.
Before that, however, let me show you the trash of the month.

Scroll down for the beauty products I used up in December 2016 and for my thoughts on each.

Here are the beauty products I used up in December 2016 and for my thoughts on each.

Face products

Lancome Juicy Shaker

BIG disappointment. The pigment did not show up at all. The gloss did not last long. Finally, I ended up using this above my lip balm, purely because I want to get at the beads in the liquid, and because the sponge applicator felt so nice and squishy.
Repurchase? I'm investing in jewellery. Much wiser.

Algenist Advanced Anti-Ageing Repairing Oil

Shot straight to my top-three-facial-oils list and has stayed there since. This stuff actually repairs the skin.
Repurchase? Yessir, yessir, one bottle full. 

Ladykin Phytoplant Broccoli Power Ampoule

Got this in a superfood-themed Memebox back in the dark ages. It was a good second serum; nothing special. Or maybe my skin prefers the heavier snail-based ampoules.
Repurchase? No.

Seatree Synake Essence

I usually love K-beauty, but the smell of this thing and I didn't really get along. I like syn-ake peptides, and am currently using a facial oil with the "venom". But this was... pungent.
Repurchase? I'm already an easily-nauseous person, thanks very much. 

OST 21.5% Vitamin C

I recently graduated from 20% to the more potent 21.5% Vitamin C serum. And, boy, AM I happier! It pretty much wages war on hyper-pigmentation. My derm had suggested a chemical peel for spots and now he says I don't need one.
Repurchase? Duh. There are four bottles in my 'fridge. More will arrive in May/June.

Priori Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist

Usually, "AC" means acne control in Korean skincare. However, this rather thick mist was more of a general moisturiser than anything else.
Repurchase? No.

Secret Key Tea Tree Refresh Calming Toner

There seem to be more lows than highs this month, innit? I am one of those weirdos for whom Tea Tree does nothing.
Repurchase? Nah.

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha-Beta Peel Original Strength

Ah. My cult favourite acid pads. They are a tad potent, so I only use them two or three times a week. What do I gain? 100% cystic acne control. Reduced scarring. A smoother face.
Repurchase? Already have and always will. 

Cult 51 Night Cream 

Having heard a bunch of raves about this one, I tried it on my neck. It was very good. I would still say there are equally good night creams out there. Especially in the more affordable K-beauty sector.
Repurchase? Read previous sentences.

Caudalie Radiance Serum

This stuff is so lightweight that I use it in the mornings, beneath my makeup - because it will never cause pilling or product overload.
Repurchase? I have half a dozen sample tubes left, and expect to get more in beauty boxes. 
Beauty Products Used Up in December 2016

The History of Whoo In Yang Balancer

A toner. This was the first History Of Whoo product I tried. Because I was travelling, I couldn't pay much attention to my skin - I do know that I need to try more from this brand!
Repurchase? Maybe something else from them.

Foil sachets:

Shara Shara Honey Bomb

Having been thoroughly spoilt by CosRx and Holika Holika Honey Masks, I found this underwhelming.
Repurchase? Nyet.

Omorovicza Night Cream

Considering how much I love other Omorovicza products, I expected wonders from this. It wasn't bad, but I've used equally good creams.
Repurchase? Nein.

Resultime by Colin Redensifying Night Cream

I only used this two times, but I can tell you that I loved what I saw the following morning. I took this along for my NYE trip and didn't look like a trainwreck despite all the excesses.
Repurchase? Most probably during my next skincare haul, in February or so.

Missha Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream

I keep foil sachets for travel. IMO, there are few - VERY few - products out there where you can try a foil sachet once and decide whether it worked for you or not. This was no exception.
Repurchase? I've heard lovely things about the range, so I'll buy a couple of things when I next haul K-beauty.

Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

I love the Magic Foundation from CT, but Light Wonder doesn't give me enough coverage. Maybe once I'm less scarred.
Repurchase? No.

Bath & Body and Hair products

Beauty products I used up in December 2016 and for my thoughts on each.

Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo

I haven't met a Christophe Robin product I didn't like. Despite minimising my use of shampoo (I CO-wash mostly), I loved the fresh smell and the clean feel from this 'poo.
Repurchase? Maybe. I'm saving up for CR's prickly pear oil masque. 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius

My all-time favourite foot cream, particularly for dry weather. Keeps them narsy chapped heels at bay.  
Repurchase? Already have.

Alterna Bamboo Kendi Dry Oil Mist

A lightweight, spray-on, leave-in finishing oil that I just love. No stiff neck. Reduced frizz. Mild smell. Easy to go overboard, though. I was a little too enthusiastic once and ended up looking like the Greasy Git Of The Dungeons.
Repurchase? Yes. 

Kiss Me Hand Cream

Cloyingly annoying fragrance. I used it up on my feet in the mornings before slipping into trainer liners or socks. 
Repurchase? No, thank you. 

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