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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Beauty Products Used Up in October 2017

I've had a nightmarish last few days - while already nursing a foot injury, I woke one fine morning to an acute allergic reaction to the point of severe anaphylaxis. Apart from bad urticaria and joint inflammation, I couldn't move my neck/head at all, and landed in the ER. They pumped me with 'roids and antihistamines, and the former have broken me out, but as my doctors said, it was a question of priorities. I'll have to navigate my skin through bad acne all over again (long-term readers will remember I battled it for the major part of 2016, and am currently undergoing scar revision). Boo!
And, we don't even know exactly what caused the anaphylaxis - they'll do an allergy test after three weeks of no meds and no hives. They suspected a peanut allergy, but it turns out it wasn't one after all. Good. I adore chilli-and-lime peanuts.
Enough whining. Let me show you the beauty products I used up in October 2017, and what I thought about each one.

Beauty Products Used Up in October 2017

Please watch this video for my take on each "empty" - please also give me a thumbs-up, and do subscribe to my channel!

Used up anything recently? Tell me your thoughts below!

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