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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mid-Year Makeup Giveaway 2018 Results

I know I haven't been blogging recently. I have been YouTubing regularly instead, and keeping up YouTube, Instagram, this blog, and Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, while doing life things, is a bit much. At the same time, this blog IS my first baby. I'll be glad to sacrifice a lot of other socmed channels in favour of the blog. So I'll be back to blogging from the coming week, particularly now that Advent Calendar Holiday Season is almost upon us!
So, huge thanks to those of you who have been supporting this blog, as well as my migration to YouTube.
I will be having a huge giveaway starting in within the next few hours, and I can assure you that there are two large palettes, one of which is from Anastasia Beverly Hills. So, don't go anywhere. 
Now for the winner of the Mid-Year Makeup Giveaway for 2018. The reason I stayed up all night for two nights verifying entries is that I want to get your prize out in the post before I travel on July 24. So, please, PLEASE, do get in touch with me asap so I can get going with the shipping!
Please send me these rightaway, to save time. Otherwise, there could be a two-week delay in shipment thanks to my travels.
And no, I'll never share or store your details/information.
Right, your identity. Off we go - here's the winner of the Mid-Year Makeup Giveaway 2018.

Mid-Year Makeup Giveaway 2018 Results

Mid-Year Makeup Essentials Giveaway 2018
I will need your:
  • Full name 
  • Full address
  • Post code
  • Country
  • Telephone number (Sorry, I can't ship without one, because the shipment needs a signature on delivery, and they won't accept packages unless they have a way to call you in case you're out at the time of attempted delivery).
Congratulations! Please do send me the deets above at the earliest, so I can get your prize in the post on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

The next giveaway goes live later today, so do tune in for that - I can reveal there are TWO palettes in there, including one from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

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