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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Swatch and review of Rimmel All White Now base coat nail polish

Swatch and review of Rimmel All White Now base coat

Presenting my (current) favourite base coat - Rimmel All White Now. This is a sheer pearly-white polish with blue undertones and microshimmer that gives depth. The brush is wide and the formula goes on smoothly even in one coat - no streaks.

I'm wearing just one coat on the index and middle fingers and two coats each on the other fingers. I love the way it looks on my nails and it hides the yellowness well - you can see it peeping out from the corner of my thumbnail where I missed out.

So far (my last two manis), it seems to have held out against the staining better than the dozens of other base coats I've tried. And, it's good enough to be worn on its own. Sorry I can't seem to capture the microshimmer in the picture; I'm a lousy photographer.
Will I repurchase? Of course! Until I discover a better base coat, this is my Holy Grail. Any base coat you would recommend for me (I've tried every Sally Hansen treatment base coat, O.P.I. Ridge Filler, Nail Envy and a couple of Essies, Ecrinals and Jessicas)? Which is your favourite base coat?

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