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Rimmel Apocalips in Celestial and Nova review, swatches

A day after MUA refunded me for The (now infamous) Haul That Got Lost In The Post, my Rimmel Apocalips arrived! Which means they only steal if they see the word make-up on the cover.
I am probably the last surviving beauty blogger to board the Apocalips bandwagon. I bought Celestial and Nova, based on the swatches and reviews by some of you.
I cannot rave enough over the packaging. Cosmic look, anyone? I love that you can see the colour from outside, I love the multi-faceted black top of the lid, I love the compact, yet powerful-looking tube and... I need therapy, clearly.
Colour: Celestial is a beautiful dusky rose while Nova looks bright/shocking/bubblegum/barbie pink, but fades to a lovely rosy stain. I applied Nova and blotted it with my fingers, so that I would get the pretty stain.
Applicator: Doe's foot, with a little dent that grabs enough product to cover the whole lips.
Formula: Incredibly pigmented, non-sticky and gliding on easily. Very creamy and un-shimmery, thank heavens. Scores extra points for not making me eat my own hair.
Staying power: As a glossy stain or lacquer, I would say not much. But the stain stayed on through tea and sandwiches, so there is good news. And it fades all over, instead of just in the middle. Still, lasts slightly less than La Laque Fever, which I reviewed yesterday. But attracts no hair, unlike the latter.
Celestial (L), Nova (R)
To those haven't bought them yet (thank you for being later than I, haha), you can get them here at just £5.99 each including international shipping. Steal, what?
Do check out my international giveaway - three lots of prizes to be won!

P.S. My mum has just told me that my grandad's PSA level is seen to be 17 (normal is below 4). He has undergone surgery for prostate enlargement twice, and it has been benign. I'm absolutely gutted and will give anything for it not to be the dreaded PC. My Gramps is my hero. I can't let anything happen to him. I won't! They're getting a re-test done tomorrow and I'm praying like I've never prayed before for it to come back below four, and for today's results to be wrong (no symptoms, plus he did have surgery twice!) I don't feel like blogging, but I had already typed up all that and uploaded pictures when mum told me. Sorry for the rant but going crazy!
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  1. Got to be honest - I bought 2 yesterday (can't remember the names lol) and love both of them :)

    Sorry to hear bout your grandad. I hope you get the results you are after xxx


  2. Ohh sweetie I'm so sorry I have my fingers crossed he will be ok. I love both them colours they look summery which :) xx

  3. fingers crossed for you xxx

    (btw I was considering posting on these today as well..you've reassured me that its okay being this late to the party)

  4. ReNu, I am so sorry to hear that and I will keep you in my prayers. I am very close to my grandparents because they raised me, while my parents were away in med school, so I can understand. Thanks for still putting up a post for all of us. I didn't hear from you on my blog posts, so I had a feeling something was wrong. Celestial looks beautiful. Take care.


  5. I have celestial and i love it :)



  6. sorry to hear....hope he get well soon....
    nova is stunning

  7. Hope he gets better soon.
    I love Nova, it's pretty <3

  8. don't worry, we still dont have these in canada as far as i can tell. thanks for the review. my friend from scotland is sending some over to me and i'm more than excited.

  9. Aww no.
    Hope you're Grandad gets better :( very tough situation xxx


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