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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Manicure: O.P.I. nail polish medley nail art

Last week, I was staring at my polish racks for a long time and couldn't make up my mind as to which polish to choose, so I chose quite a few! Here it is - the messy manicure.
Every polish is O.P.I. Want to guess the colours? I'll start - the gold one is actually Gold Shatter.

Here is an announcement for my US-based followers. Lancome US has sent me a birthday offer - if I buy for $49, I get free shipping and a free lippie (Colour Design Lipstick in Love it) or Blush Subtil Compact in Aplum (not sure if I get both - you can check out the email they sent me). I don't live in the US and can't use this offer. If any of you is planning to blow up $49 on Lancome online, I'd be happy to share the email. I cannot promise that it will work, but you are welcome to try. Please ask for the code and the email they sent me only if you are really interested in hauling for $49 from Lancome. If you're interested, you can either comment here or email me (mybeautyjunction at gmail dot com). First come, first served.

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