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Giveaway winners and an accident

I apologise for the delay in the announcement of my giveaway winners and for being such a disgruntled, disappearing sloth; I've been a bit mopy since my last post, for obvious reasons.
Anyway, here are the three winners:
1. Ten beauty goodies: Georgina Davies
2. Ten local products for international-only participants: Sarah VM
3. Bath and body products for India-only participants: Prerna Sinha

Congratulations to the winners. Please email me with your details (go to the contact tab) within 48 hours, so that we can discuss packaging and other details and I can get started with sending your prizes (and make more space in my room). To those who didn't win, the next giveaway is coming up soon.
Meanwhile, a bottle of Charles Worthington shampoo almost took out my left eye yesterday when it fell on my face from the top shelf, so I look unrecognisable with an angry bruise and have subsequently almost-retired from public life for now. My family, however, has displayed appalling lack of sympathy, being mad at me instead, and has decided that everything preventing the cupboards and drawer from shutting and everything on the table, floor, windowsills and desk must go. So I am selling a few things very soon (keep an eye open here and on Facebook) and giving away a few new things, whether I want to or not.
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  1. Omg your poor face/eye!! I am terrible when it comes to falling over and hitting my face :\ my parents are nice about it though because of my fainting problem haha congratulations to the winners :D

    1. The result of my over-stuffing the shelves with products :(

  2. Thanks very much! Get better soon!!

  3. Congratulations to the winners.... feel so sorry for you, poor girl :(

  4. Congrats to the winner and ouch at your eye xx

  5. Oh no, I hope your eye gets better!
    Can't wait for the next giveaway :)

  6. Boo I dint win :( But looking forward to ur next giveaway! Oh and get well soon dearie.. That sounds pretty bad!
    I've tagged you in a post.. Do check it out here's+Corner+!)

  7. Aprajita TrivediMarch 29, 2014

    love such giveaways packed with lovely stuff !!


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