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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Finding the perfect make-up

I've had some bad news over the phone just now, so I thought I'd quickly share it before I hit "publish", since I've already mentioned it here before. You may remember reading about my Grandad's health worries in April. The biopsy results are in. I'm afraid the cells are malignant. The doctors say it is low-grade and not life-threatening, but it is cancer alright. I hate that word and can't even begin to describe how gutted I am. The course of treatment will be decided after a few more tests. Sorry for whinging here :( Now on to today's bit of beauty blogging fix.

Like many other people, it took me the better part of my make-up-addicted-days to find my perfect foundation shade (and even then it changes a bit across seasons) and texture. I've gone through the doesn't-match-with-neck, the oil spill and the cakey phases. SAs didn't help; most of them jumped to wrong conclusions and I've looked pink, pallid, red, orange, muddy and ghoulish. Finally, a lovely lady at the Lancome counter in Macy's, Seattle, sat with me for about two hours and matched my perfect shade across a few brands and textures. I wish I'd taken her contact details.
I recently received an email from Anne of PS Beauty saying they were putting together a website to help people around the world find not only their perfect foundation, but also their perfect lippy, blush and so on. I checked the website out and it is under construction. This is a great idea, something that will come in handy for us all. You can create your profile and answer a questionnaire, based on which they recommend products.The rating option isn't ready yet , nor are the foundation recommendations. I also suggested that they should have a more detailed way of finding the undertone - maybe photographs of warm, cool and neutral 'undertoned' people? And, more detailed shading.
Do check out the website and let Anne know what you think, via email, Facebook or Twitter. She is very friendly and welcomes all suggestions and actually incorporates them in her plans! I'm excited about what she has in mind and can't wait to see the finished website.
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