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Manicure: Double dotticure nail art with NYX Sheer Shell polish

I celebrated the arrival of my first set of dotting tools with this mani. Some of you have mentioned that I only seem to use O.P.I. and China Glaze, so I decided to stay away from both this time and go in for NYX Sheer Shell.

The formula wasn't anywhere near O.P.I. and China Glaze and it took a good three to four coats for some opacity. I also had tip-wear within half an hour or so - all I did was open a door. But I liked this colour, and followed it up with Konad Special Black dots and smaller dots with LA Colors Gold Sparkle. And, trust me, a set of decent - inexpensive - dotting tools produces much better results than toothpicks, bobby pins and pencils. In some cases, *cough, cough* tools won't make much of a difference without practice and in-born dexterity!
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  1. Naiice? You're getting more and more expert at nail art! This is so creative love it!
    TiTi's Corner!

  2. I loved this nail art very much Nice colour combo :)

  3. Lovely! Just love your nail arts!

  4. I love double dots. Urs are looking fab <3

  5. Nice nail it..:)

  6. Lovely nail art! x

  7. Pretty nails and love the design

  8. Wow you made a great job! Would like to try but I think that my result will be not good as yours :(
    What about following each other? Just let me know!


  9. Haha this reminds me of leopard prints!


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