Friday, August 16, 2013

Review: Soap & Glory Supereyes Supereyes

The perfect eye-treatment - that hydrates, deals with dark circles, fine lines and puffiness, prevents caking and oiliness and protects from the sun without causing styes - has remained elusive till date. But we all keep looking. I've been using Soap & Glory Supereyes Supereyes for a while now and here are my findings.

Claims: Instant lift and wide-awake look; fights fine-lines and puffiness; soothing, moisturising.
Packaging: I'm not a "pot-person" for hygiene reasons, but the plastic jar is cute and the box is pink and typical Soap & Glory.
Formula: Thick, translucent gel, smooth texture - the grains in the photograph are proof of my atrocious camera skills. Just a light-handed tap of a finger above the product will do.

Application: No spatula; pat a little below the eyes especially wherever it looks a tad puffy. Blends well, leaves no marks; makeup (concealer) goes on fine over it.
Smell: None noted.
Ingredients: No parabens, contains cones - those allergic to them, keep away. Contains aloe vera juice, caffeine and tripeptides.
Effect: Immediately, the area begins to feel warm, very warm. I'm not sure how this would affect everyone else - I have some allergies and somewhat sensitive skin, despite which I could tolerate it quite well.
Instantly de-puffs the under-eye area. Instantly. I. Mean. It. You can see the difference in the mirror. This is a great eye gel for the mornings.
Issues: After six weeks' use, it didn't touch my recently-acquired dark circles, though lack of sufficient sleep could have hindered its cause. Not much of a difference noticed with fine lines either.
Bottom line: Best thing after one of those nights - opens the eyes at once. Use concealer and primer for the dark circles!




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