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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sulphate-free shampoo showdown II

Part I of the sulphate-free shampoo comparison saw The Body Shop, TIGI, Burt's Bees and Nature's Gate battle it out - you can read the post here. Here are four more sulphate-free shampoos up for consideration.

1. Soap & Glory Glad Hair Day Shampoo: You've got to love the vintage photograph and the pink packaging. This tube certainly livens up your bathroom shelves. Lovely smell. You need about half a palmful of shampoo and half a palmful of water to leave your hair squeaky clean. Does a good job with oil removal and I love the conditioner as well. Surprisingly good.
2. Organix Macadamia Oil Hydrating Shampoo: This doesn't have a sulphate-free feel if you get my drift. Lathers up instantly and thickly. You have to dilute, dilute and dilute again if you don't want it to dry your hair out. I used to fill up the bottle with water as the shampoo quantity reduced. I suspect some mild flaking on the scalp resulted from each use. Will not repurchase.
3. CHI Deep Brilliance Hydrating Shampoo: Again, great smell. Why do sulphate-free shampoos smell so much nicer than shampoos with sulphates? Reminds me of TIGI Rockaholic. CHI claims this is moisture-binding and hydrating; it certainly did not dry my hair out and left a shine - half-and-half dilution may be needed, unless you've oiled your hair overnight. Decent.
4. DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo: Pick of the lot, because it is made of mild skin cleanser and is conditioning. Super-gentle formula that is made with mild skin cleansers. Reminds me of the WEN conditioning washes, though DermOrganic doesn't flake up my scalp. No dilution required and you can feel the hydration and there is little frizz afterwards. If you've oiled your hair or applied a mask, DermOrganic may not leave your hair squeaky-clean though it does a fabulous job on un-oiled hair.
If you compare the shampoos in Part I and Part II and want to know my picks for the best sulphate-free shampoo from these, I'm going in for a mixed result - Burt's Bees, TIGI, Soap & Glory and DermOrganic for the win so far, with BB and DO as gentlest for unoiled hair and TIGI and S&G for squeaky-cleaning even oiled hair without drying.
Disclaimers: Whatever suits my hair may not suit yours! Each of these was used from at least six times to multiple bottles and has been in my stash for a while (I'll be stumped by the "from-where-and-how-much", because I genuinely can't remember). All paid for by self, friends or relatives, no PR. 

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