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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flocking powder NOTD with O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me

Hot pink flocking powder ombre manicure with O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me nail polish
I have never used flocking powder before, despite having bought different colours sometime ago. I was on the verge of doing watermarbling for my birthday - since that is what I did for my birthday last year - and remembered my resolution to try new techniques. A long think and scramble in my stash later, I settled on and NOTD with two flocking powder shades for a sharp gradient effect and gems. A combination of elements there, but if you cannot go over the top on your birthday, when can you?
Flocking powder nail art proved to be the  most labour-intensive manicure I have done. In fact, this is clearly a nail art-fail. Here are the problems I faced.
Hot pink ombre flocking powder manicure with O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me nail polish
For starters, the lint got everywhere - even into my ears. Don't ask. And then, it was a pain to get it to apply evenly. I had mountains of fluff on my thumb and a sparsely covered pinky. I applied two coats of flocking powder and still have gaps. The process took ages and there was fluff all over the place despite having a sheet of paper to pick up the fallout for reuse. Thirdly, cuticle clean-up has been virtually impossible. I could not get sharp, neat edges. When you apply the ultimate coat of polish and then get the flocking powder on top, it hardens and sticks to the sides of the nails, as you can see in the pictures, and you cannot remove the encrusted portions without peeling off the whole thing. Nor does it come away with remover. Worst of all, the lint got into my brie and pina colada when I stirred it, and on my carefully made-up face. Note the fallout on the nail polish bottle. I won't wear flocking powder on my nails in public again until I get the hang of it.
O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me nail polish swatch
And here is the breakdown of this manicure. I applied O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me as a base colour - check out the shade below. It is a bright fuchsia pink. This is originally from the Greek Isles Collection from a summer long ago, but has since joined the O.P.I. Classics - and I can see why. It is one of my oldest nail polishes - older than Jade is The New Black, which has separated, while this remains homogenous. The shimmer in It's All Greek To Me is very subtle and just take a look at the finish on the ring finger - this is two coats. You almost get a nice duochrome effect there, with the pink and the purple.
O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me nail polish swatch
Once I had my second coat dried, I applied the white gems across each nail with a dot of nail glue. I then applied Bourjois Fixant Brilliant Gloss set on the lower half of the nails and covered it with MUA Fur-Effect Nails Fluff and Cuddles flocking powder. This is a purple shade. I then applied the top coat to the lower half of the nails and applied hot pink flocking powder. I repeated the flocking powder application process once more for better coverage.
Hot pink ombre flocking powder manicure with O.P.I. It's All Greek To Me nail polish
Oh, and this is how the whole thing was removed - it was quite easy to peel off, despite the fallout of the flocking powder!
This is my entry to the GOT Polish Challenge. This week's theme is hot pink and I hope I have not digressed too much.

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