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Friday, April 18, 2014

Green EOTD with Sephora Blockbuster palette

Green EOTD with Sephora Blockbuster eyeshadows
Green EOTD with Sephora Blockbuster eyeshadowsI tell you, I am obsessed with the Sephora Makeup Academy Blockbuster palette of November 2013. There is such a variety of colours, enough for as many looks as you would want, and the shades are versatile, from neutrals to brights, and a couple of neons which I have not dared to go near. And the shadows are easy to blend and surprisingly well-pigmented. I need to review this palette in all its glory before the 2014 version is launched.
Green is probably my third-favourite eyeshadow colour after blues and purples. It gives dark eyes a nice pop without being visible from the moon. This time, I picked medium frosty and shimmery greens and a brown-grey eyeshadow, and did not smoke out the look too much.
Green EOTD with Sephora Blockbuster eyeshadows
Now for the eyeshadows used. I chose only three of these - the lightest green eyeshadow in the middle went into the inner corners, and a very light hand went on the brow bones. The left-extreme bright medium green went on the actual eyelids and the one to the extreme right - more of a brown-grey than a green per se - went to smoke out the outer corners and crease a little.
Green EOTD with Sephora Blockbuster eyeshadows
I used the Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool. I am becoming quite obsessed with this eyeliner and will review it soon. The primer used was Kat von D High-Voltage Eye Primer, another very good find, which will be reviewed soon. I finished with the Bourjois Twist Up Volume Mascara - only step 1. I will review this mascara soon as well. I avoided using anything on my eyebrows this time - they are already way too dark for my liking. You will have to put up with the scar across the bridge of my nose - I stood too close to a classmate who was sharpening a pencil with a penknife in my rash kindergarten days....
Green EOTD with Sephora Blockbuster eyeshadows
I like the rather villainous look the above picture gives me!
This is my submission to the Smoky Eye Friday link-up hosted by Leticia of Cosmetics Aficionado. Do check out the other EOTDs.

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