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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Estee Lauder and Dior birthday haul, and presents

Estee Lauder and Dior birthday haul and presents
It was my birthday yesterday so I took the day off for a bit of much-needed "me-time". I had ended my shopping ban in the last week of March to pick up some treats for myself. The beauty goodies are mostly skin care and a powder compact - I only use pressed powder foundation, which itself gives me a dewy look soon enough, given how oily my face is. If I dared to use liquid or cream foundation, my face would be swimming in oil, even if I set it with powder. Besides, pressed powder applied with the Beautyblender Pro lasts longest on my skin, keeps me matte for longer and saves time on "setting".
Enough about the glories of pressed powder foundation; here are a few things I hauled, and a few prezzies I received.
Estee Lauder and Dior birthday haul and presentsI treated myself to some skin care from Estee Lauder, including the famous Advanced Night Repair serum. Of course, I'm in love with Lancome Advanced Genefique right now as my go-to serum and it has seriously changed my skin for the better, but the Estee Lauder serum is apparently a game changer and the SA assured me it will suit all ages and all skin types. I will have to finish my Advanced Genefique first, but will see if ANR is all that it claims. I also picked up an Advanced Time Zone eye cream and a day-time moisturiser with SPF. I had tried a sample of the DayWear Antioxidant Lotion and it did not break me out, so I figured I might as well buy the full size. Finally, I picked up the Sun Care Lotion with SPF 30. This comes with anti-spot protection. To me, one sunscreen is as good as another, as long as it doesn't break you out or feel sticky, or contain parabens, but what are birthdays for if you don't treat yourself?
I received a few samples with my purchase - everything is a foil sachet, but there were two mini mascaras (Estee Lauder mascaras never work for me and I have tried both of these before, so I won't even bother to open them).
Estee Lauder and Dior birthday haul and presents
I hit the Dior counter and repurchased J'Adore EDP, since I have pretty much neared the end of my stock. I also bought Diorskin Crystal N#de Matte Perfecter [sic], which seems to be a dupe for Benefit Dr Feelgood. Comparison post once I try this out. I picked up a Diorskin Forever Compact as well.
Estee Lauder and Dior birthday haul and presents
I got a sample jar of L'Or de Vie, and a mini J'Adore EDP and EDT set (not pictured because it is swallowed up by the disorganised mess that is my makeup stash).
Estee Lauder and Dior birthday haul and presents
I have a few makeup products on the way from Beautybay and LookFantastic, I will share those once I receive them. And, a few goodies have been ordered by my sister who will bring them in June (including Sephora Middle East's birthday gifts). Now for the prezzies. I have (with everyone else) polished off one cake but there is quite a chunk of the pineapple gateau left.
Happy birthday Renu icing cakeHappy birthday Renu icing pineapple gateau
This is from my Dad. Beats me how he manages to unearth a completely different pattern each year (here is last year's) and how much I love it. I'm not much of a necklace person but I have great love for earrings/bobs and bracelets.
Boutique diamond earrings in yellow gold, 0.88ctBoutique diamond earrings in yellow gold, 0.88ct
 Pictures without and with flash below.
Boutique diamond earrings in yellow gold, 0.88ctBoutique diamond earrings in yellow gold, 0.88ct
Wow, MUM! First eds, every one of them. Goodness knows these are never on eBay or Abe. My Mum had read these in her school days and, on her recommendation, I had read two "Jane" books from Bristol Central Library. I have been looking for these forever and don't give a toss for the missing or torn dustjackets.
Evadne Price Jane book collection
There are more books in the series, of course, and Mum tells me she couldn't find any others. I will do a detailed post about "Jane" on my collectibles blog soon. Gramps and Gran replaced my 11-year-old telly (which served as magazine stand rather than telly) but I haven't actually installed it - I need to do so before they visit me next. From friends, uncles and aunts:
Birthday presents including books and perfume
I've been dying to read The Commonwealth of Thieves. It is about the founding of Australia and, having studied colonial politics in my undergrad, I know I will enjoy this book. I've also wanted to own The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics ever since I ventured into journalism. Of late, I prefer non-fiction to fiction (except for antiquarian or collectible fiction books) and I'm glad there is only one modern thriller in there. I am a big fan of James Rollins but a not-very-nice person borrowed Ice Hunt and never gave it back. This is why I will never lend books.
Incidentally, here is last year's birthday post, if you want to know what I received. I will share my birthday manicure, EOTD and so on over the next few days.
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