Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble unboxing

Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing
For those of you who have been on the fence about buying a Memebox, now is a great time to cave. They have some great offers on right now, including $15 boxes, and the best part is that there are bundles where you can order three colour-themed or fragrance-themed beauty boxes for the price of two. That is just $10 a box, which is as good as it gets. Of course I paid for both sets already! I would not be sharing this without buying them myself, would I? The "scent" boxes do not just include perfume, but products with the same fragrance. Click here to read about each box separately - hurry, I expect them to sell out any time!
Now about this box. I have been plagued by oily skin from teenage and by acne from the day I turned 20. Neither shows signs of abating. Whoever said both problems were restricted to teenage ought to be boiled in oil, skinned and then imprisoned for life. This beauty box is intended for those with oily, troublesome and sensitive skin.

Here is my unboxing and review of the Memebox Free From Oil and Trouble beauty box.

The product card, as usual. Please click on the photos to enlarge.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxingMemebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing

 Here are the contents of the Free From Oil and Trouble Memebox:

  1. Ciracle Red Spot Cream
  2. Dr Young U-Line Clearing Mist
  3. LJH 5a Control Cleansing Gel
  4. LJH Cellabell M.C. Recovery Balm
  5. Cosrx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar
  6. Verikos Teatree Modelling Pack
  7. Verikos A.C. Control Care Redpoint-X Light Soother
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing
As you know, I only review skin care products after four to six weeks of trial, so detailed opinions will have to wait. But here is a quick look at each product. And, relax, that is only the biggest spatula in the world and not what you thought it was.

Ciracle Red Spot Cream

Who has not heard about the byword in acne care, and their tagline, "Ciracle means Miracle"? I have tried a sample of this cream before and will be glad for this full-sized jar. Have a dekko at the cute jar!
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing
It is supposed to heal red, painful acne effectively and contains plant extracts and no parabens but has cones. 
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing

Dr Young U-Line Clearing Mist

If, like me, you have "bacne" and balk at the thought of low-back dresses, you must have gone through the same contortions I did while trying to apply acne treatment on your back. Here, finally, is a solution! A spray for bacne! And the pump rotates 360 degrees. This is a full-sized bottle at 140ml. My only gripe? There is methylparaben. But if it gets rid of bacne, then me likey. I will mention it again after a six-week trial.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing

LJH 5a Control Cleansing Gel

Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing
I am a sucker for trying out new cleansers that will work with my konjac sponge or with the Foreo Luna (I know, I know, I will review it once I have a moment), and this is a decent 15ml tube which contains oleanolic acid, an anti-inflammatory, which is supposed to also prevent moisture from escaping. So far, I am not happy with the way it removes makeup, although I am aware that this is not the primary purpose of this gel, so I will tell you about its oil-control and anti-acne properties only after my full trial period. There are no mineral oils in this, but I have no idea about SLS.

LJH Cellabell M.C. Recovery Balm

A light, oil-free BB cream, obviously too pale for anything beyond NC30. I will be giving this away in due course. They should think about offering medium shades in future Memeboxes, although this does not take away the value and appeal of the boxes.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing

Cosrx Original Pure All Cleansing Bar

A soap bar that serves as an anti-blackhead and anti-blemish massage scrub for oily and sensitive skin, this is meant for the face and anywhere you have acne. I have to remember not to use it all over. A full-sized bar at 120g, it should last long enough for a really decent trial. The smell is quite strong, though.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing

Verikos Teatree Modelling Pack

The spatula comes with this pack, which is a powder that you mix with water to form a seriously hard rubbery mask containing tea tree, liquorice and centella. They have sent me 25g of powder and then the instructions say you are supposed to mix 50ml [sic] powder with 40ml water, which is absurd, really! It improves moisture absorption, and "emission" (!) and peels off without leaving any residue.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing
The ingredients' list is interesting. Please forgive the awful photography skills as long as you can tell that this is not a picture of a man climbing a tree.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing

Verikos A.C. Control Redpoint-X Light Soother

This is not mentioned in the product card and comes with the Modelling Pack. It is a phytochemical care system made of fermented herbs and smells like a dream. It is meant to soothe the skin after all the rigours to which the Tea Tree Modelling Pack subjects the face. Not bad, you only need a drop or two to cover the whole face.
Memebox Free from Oil & Trouble beauty box review, unboxing
Yet another super-good box from the Korean beauty box that ships to many countries. Please, please sign this petition to get Memebox to ship all over the world as they used to. This particular box is sold out, but keep looking for restocks and check out all the other boxes they have on sale right now here.
No more unboxings this week, but I have two more on my desk which will be up soon!
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  1. Again, what a nice box!
    I've heard that Ciracle has really effective products, I will def wait for your review ;-)
    Have a nice day!

  2. MyBeautyJunctionMay 16, 2014

    Thank you! Their boxes just keep getting better, unlike other companies. Sure, I will review Ciracle and a couple of the other products after a decent trial.

  3. AnastasiaMay 16, 2014

    I love this box, now I wish I bought one! Aside from regular numbered boxes and a few early luckyboxes, I only bought the snail and the latest scent 2+1 bundle. Kind of eyeing the mask box too now, because the last one looked great.

  4. MyBeautyJunctionMay 16, 2014

    I skipped the snail box, but picked up quite a few themed boxes and both 2+1 bundles. I have told myself that I will only buy the regular Global boxes and maybe really special themed boxes (such as this one) in future but I have no idea how far I will stick to my decision :(

  5. Lala LandMay 17, 2014

    I just discovered Memebox and I am loving all your detailled unboxing posts. Very helpful, thanks a lot!:)

  6. My skin has just referred back to teenage years, I don't know why - so maybe I need these in my life now!

  7. MyBeautyJunctionMay 18, 2014

    They really give out generously sized products!

  8. MyBeautyJunctionMay 18, 2014

    Careful, it is so easy to become addicted to Memebox lol! More unboxings coming up each week, do stay tuned!

  9. MyBeautyJunctionMay 18, 2014

    I actually did not have acne during my teens, it started at 20 sharp. I have no idea what I did/am doing wrong :(


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