Memebox Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing
Thanks to an acne problem which began in my adulthood, I have become very diligent about cleansing. You may have seen my cleansing stash and routine here. So when I heard Memebox had a new Cleansing Kit out, which included the six-step Korean skin cleansing routine, I bought it, of course! I had heard of the 10-step Korean skin care system, but not the six-step cleansing system, and was curious to try it out.
I expected products such as a makeup remover, a cleansing oil, a foam cleanser, an exfoliating scrub, a pore brush, wash cloth and a peeling gel in this box. Maybe a body or hair wash as well, since other themed boxes such as the Scrub box have promised products for the hair and body. Read on to see if my expectations were justified.

Here is my review and unboxing of the Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit.

The contents of the Memebox Special 19 Cleansing box are:

  1. Secret Key Oil-Free Lip and Eye Makeup Remover 100ml
  2. D'Ran Wonder Pure Cleansing Lotion 150ml
  3. Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam 100ml
  4. Arrahan Peeling Gel 180ml
  5. Makeup Helper Special Pore Care 2 Step 5g x 6
  6. Ferderma Egyptian Mask
All six products are full-sized. One big omission there. Yes, a cleansing oil. Something that Korean skincare is famous for. Now for a quick look at each.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Secret Key Oil-Free Lip and Eye Makeup Remover 100ml

My evening or end of the day cleansing routine begins with makeup removal. I first use a cleansing wipe, followed by a good eye makeup remover for mascara, eyeliner and even foundation. I love the Neutrogena Oil-Free  Makeup Remover, Nuxe Micellar Water and Lancome Bifacil. But I am always running out of makeup removers and this is a welcome addition. Free of parabens, benzophenone, ethanol, artificial colours and phenoxyethanol, this remover is infused with papaya, strawberry, pumpkin, aloe vera, green tea and rosemary extracts.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

D'Ran Wonder Pure Cleansing Lotion 150ml

This cleansing lotion contains snail mucus, fermented bean and centella asiatica extracts. It is meant to remove makeup, excess sebum, dead skin and impurities. It reminds me of those cleansing milks my Mum used to patronise when I was small. I would have liked to see a cleansing oil instead of this.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam 100ml

Personally, I don't mind that they included something for acne, since I suffer from breakouts at times. Bad breakouts, too! But I can understand that this is not suitable for those with dry skin and no acne. A general foaming cleanser would have been more universally appealing.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing
This is actually a pharmaceutical product containing aloe vera, royal jelly, propolis, liquorice and mulberry root extracts. I do not know how far this will control acne, since I am used to active ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, but I will definitely try it out.

Arrahan Peeling Gel 180ml

A peeling gel was definitely expected in this box, and this is a very generous size. Of late, I have been using peeling gels once a week and my face has improved, with blackheads vanishing altogether and acne fading sooner with the regular exfoliation. This contains oriental medicine ingredients. Always nice to have back-up products, and this goes straight into my cleansing stash.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Makeup Helper Special Pore Care 2 Step 5g x 6

I did not expect packs in the Cleansing box. This is a two-in-one kit containing a steam pack, for cleansing out the pores, and a lifting pack, for firming. The products are infused with green tea and honey extracts. I will give this pack a try during the weekend.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Ferderma Egyptian Mask

Isn't this packaging cute? I don't really want to open it up. I was not expecting a sheet mask in this box either. This mask is enriched with rosemary extracts, which was used by Egyptian women for anti-wrinkle therapy. A pore brush or a scrub would have been nice instead of sheet masks.
Memebox Special 19 Cleansing Kit review, unboxing

Summary and deals

This is a great deal for $23, with six full-sized products. Theme-wise, though, I wish they had included a cleansing oil instead of the lotion, just for the fun of trying out a Korean cleansing oil. I hope they bring out a Cleansing Kit version 2 shortly, or send out a cleansing oil in some other box. And maybe, something else - a pore brush or a muslin cloth or even a scrub - instead of the packs, to keep with the theme. We get sheet masks aplenty in other Memeboxes. This Cleansing Kit, needless to say, has long sold out.
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Disclaimer: I paid for this box; affiliate links.
  1. The Dalai Lama's NailsAugust 26, 2014

    Snail mucus? I don't think I could put that on my face! I would try everything else, though!

  2. MyBeautyJunctionNovember 30, 2014

    Lol I know right! Apparently it is the slime that snails leave behind when they walk/crawl/glide and comes from their legs (got that info from Phyrra's blog). Apparently a number of companies call it something fancy and scientific. Still!


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