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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing

Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes
I have a Memebox backlog again, but hopefully they will go up soon enough before the next lot comes in.
The OMG boxes were supposed to contain products that were kooky, weird and unusual but popular in Korea nonetheless. I had skipped the first edition, but succumbed to temptation when the second one was out and spent some time worrying about bird droppings in the ingredients. Turns out my fears were unjustified, because the first OMG box was definitely very good, but contained nothing too shocking or repulsive.

The second OMG Memebox? Take a look at my unboxing and review to find out.

Here are the contents of the Memebox Special 32 OMG 2 beauty box:
  1. Cristallin Cellulose Mask
  2. Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream 50ml
  3. Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel
  4. Priori Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist 100ml
  5. Seatree Sun-Ake Essence 45ml
  6. Haruen Dorothy Volcanic Rock
Six full-sized products in here. A quick look at each.
Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Cristallin Cellulose Mask

There are two of these sheet masks which are jelly-like, so you are supposed to feel like there is an "octopus wrapped around the face" - and this, I quote from the product card. Oh my, I have no idea why I could possibly want to feel that way, but I keep using up sheet masks anyway, so I will give them a try.
Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Ladykin Vanpir Dark Repair Cream 50ml

What a name! This is a brightening moisturiser containing green tea extracts. I am not sure where the OMG part comes in, unless the name and packaging are supposed to be shockers. 
Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Milky Dress Bohr-effect Carboxy Gel

According to the Bohr Effect, an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide will lead to decreased pH of blood, and red blood cells releasing more oxygen, and vice versa. This is how this product works and gets more oxygen to be released. You apply the gel and seal it in for a while by placing the paper mask on top. Sounds very scientific. I like experimenting with things like this, so will give it a try.
Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Priori Aroma AC Moisture Gel Mist 100ml

Okay this is the second time I am getting this exact product - I had received it in the CoffeeBreakWithDani collab box, reviewed here. I am not a fan of receiving repeat products, unless they are cult favourites, in such a short span of time.

Seatree Syn-Ake Essence 45ml

Syn-Ake. Rings a bell? Yep, snake. This contains peptides which are similar in composition to snake venom. I suppose we are not talking about the Big Four (Krait, King Cobra, Russell's Viper, Indian Viper) or Black Mambas here, but mild venom that acts a bit like bee venom, to make the skin suppler. Will try it out for sheer shock value and hope I do not end up with half my respiratory system (or face, in this case) paralysed.
Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Haruen Dorothy Volcanic Rock

This is definitely my favourite product from this box and I already want another two more - one for my travel bag and one for my daily hand bag. The packaging looks like a more cylindrical version of Benefit Fine One One, doesn't it? OMG it just mattifies my face instantly without ruining my makeup. Detailed review soon.
Memebox OMG 2 beauty box review, unboxing, codes

Summary and deals

Love this box, except for the inclusion of the mist, which goes into my swap or sale box. I want two more of those volcanic pebbles already. But there isn't much that is weird, kooky or "OMG" in this box. The volcanic rock is a bit of a surprise. Maybe snake venom as well. The rest of it? Nah. But then I would probably puke if I got something with bird droppings, so perhaps it is just as well.
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