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Monday, September 29, 2014

Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser, P.M. Revitaliser review

Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review
No, I have not begun my own skincare brand, but that is the extent to which they personalise this moisturiser for you. Cool, innit? I am considering ordering a few with my name as stocking stuffers! That should give everyone a shock.
Since March, I have been using a face serum after cleansing. A serum is not actually a moisturiser, so above it, I apply a face moisturiser. The problem with having an oily, breakout-prone face is that 99% products out there give me acne. And, unless I moisturise, the acne treatment gives me flakes which stick out under makeup. Quite a catch-22 situation, eh?

I have been testing out the Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and Night Revitaliser for some time now and here is my review.

What is it?

Beautiful is a three-step skin perfection system rather than just a moisturiser. Makers Trusted Health Products say it is pretty much skin food. And, it is 100% chemical free and based on pure botanical extracts - from fruits, nuts and leaves - which are cold-pressed. It contains no preservatives, parabens, GMOs, additives or synthetic chemicals. 
The set includes a moisturiser for the morning and a revitaliser for the night. The three steps are applications, detoxification and thriving - you apply a couple of drops to the face and neck every day by pressing them in (do not rub!) and blot away any excess. The skin needs 30 days to adapt to the fact that the usual chemicals and preservatives from your skincare have stopped - this is the detoxification process. Finally, the skin thrives with noticeable changes for the better, around three months later.
The moisturiser contains almond, orange, lemon, avocado and olive oils.
Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review

The difference between the A.M. Moisturiser and the P.M. Revitaliser is that the latter contains evening primrose oil instead of avocado oil, and apricot oil instead of olive oil.
Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review
Beautiful can be used on all types of skin as an all-in-one treatment: a toner, moisturiser, anti-ageing cream, protectant, firming gel and a cleanser. Yes, even to remove makeup. I have applied a few drops on a cotton pad and found that it wipes away everything nicely, except seriously waterproof mascara, which requires a few swipes.
The texture of both oils is light and both smell nice. I prefer the P.M. Revitaliser here, as it smells fruitier. It is also slightly lighter. Both oils come in glass bottles and have the same droppers as those essential oil bottles you get with diffusers. This controls the quantity so you get around two drops per "shake".
Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review

Oil-based skincare on an oily face?

For a long time, I had been careful to avoid oil-based skincare products and would buy only if I saw the words "oil-free" on the label. Moreover, I would work hard at oil-removal and mattification, cleansing my face three or more times a day, besides blotting it every now and then and retouching it with mattifying products. I also washed my hair every day with a sulphate-shampoo and did not condition for many years. I believed this was the best way of getting rid of oil, both on the hair and face. It was only in 2012 that my derm told me that I was stripping my hair of natural oils and thereby encouraging the scalp introducing more to hydrate. This rule also applies to the face. Some dewiness is actually required to hydrate the face, so I have stopped over-mattifying my face and now wash it only two times a day, with a gentle cleanser.
So oil on the face is not exactly an anomaly, even on oily skin. As a matter of fact, now I use cleansing oils and love how gentle they are. I am no longer averse to oil in my skincare, though I still avoid oily foundations for obvious reasons.

Results with Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser

I have almost run out of both bottles now - since you only need a couple of drops, one bottle is good for three months, at least. You will see them in my October empties. The oils, as you can see from the picture below, are light, runny and clear (Moisturiser above, Revitaliser below), and this is with just two drops each.
Beautiful A.M. Moisturiser and P.M. Revitaliser review
Within a couple of weeks' use, I have to say I had the worst breakout in five years, in July end. Not even Lancome Visionnaire had been so bad - that was on the chin, but this was on the left side of my face. I stayed home as far as possible or buried myself in concealer. But the literature the company had sent me had promised it would go away after four weeks at the most, so I persisted with usage, though I did seek treatment for the acne. My dermatologist shifted me from plain old Benzoyl Peroxide to a recent combo of B.P. and Adalpalene Gel, called Epiduo, from Galderma. The fiddly thing stung a little and caused a few flakes, but worked. The cysts were flattened in a couple of days.
I had to stop the A.M. Moisturiser for about a week while I reintroduced my Oxy Face Wash, so that I could apply a daytime moisturiser with sunscreen. This worked well. Used alone, the P.M. Revitaliser did not cause any breakouts at all and actually helped calm my red face down and smooth out the flakes caused by the acne treatment. I reintroduced the A.M. Moisturiser once the infectious phase had subsided and things did not flare up after that, except for the mandatory pimple which pops up when Auntie Flo visits.
I have had lovely results with the P.M. Revitaliser and would definitely consider repurchasing it. I think the evening primrose oil has something to do with it - when I used to take EPO pills, my skin was at its best. The A.M. Moisturiser is a decent product, but it is the Revitaliser that gives me noticeable results, calming my skin down, smoothing out the texture and making it look good in the mornings despite a lack of sleep.
My derm suggested that I reduce the quantity of the A.M. Moisturiser used, so I now use a bare touch to moisten the face before I put on my makeup, though I do use 3-4 drops of the Revitaliser in the evenings. I also use the A.M. Moisturiser on my dry elbows, since I keep resting them on my desk. It is one of the best products I have ever used in that area, since almost all the friction-rash has disappeared from my elbows.

Summary and deals

I love the Beautiful P.M. Revitaliser for my night-time skin care regimen. I do like the A.M. Moisturiser as well, though I advocate using only very little product - I love it as a body moisturiser. That there are no chemicals or preservatives in here is something that encourages me to repurchase - especially if they put my name on the label!
If you like their Facebook page here, you get $5 off your first order. Incidentally, they also have a face moisturiser for men called The Man! The manufacturer is willing to offer my readers one free bottle (A.M. Moisturiser for women and You're The Man for men) upon payment of shipping and handling charges, from here, along with a couple of reports on skin care products and why they have never worked. That’s a total value of over $40.00. 
Disclosure: Press sample sent for review. Opinions are my own.

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