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Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: 12 Best Makeup Buys From Bourjois, With Intl Shipping

American makeup lovers, rejoice. You can get Bourjois products delivered to your doorstep, courtesy of international beauty retailer Feelunique. Established in 2005, Feelunique was voted the fifth best shopping website on a recent poll conducted by consumer group Which. They ship to more than 120 countries, and postage is free worldwide above £60. Also, code THEICONS20 gets you 15% off all makeup till midnight today.
Bourjois is my favourite drugstore brand, with lovely packaging, incredibly good foundations, lipsticks and bronzers - well, everything, really.

Scroll down for the best makeup picks from Bourjois, with worldwide shipping.

 Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: Top 12 Makeup Buys From Bourjois

 Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: Best 12 Makeup Buys From BourjoisBourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Aqua Laque Lipstick

I had reviewed the regular Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks here (these are among my favourite liquid lippies ever). The Aqua Laque version costs £8.99 and is glossier. I have done a makeup look here, with the shade Bruncroyable - this shade is perfect for Fall/Winter. 
Buy here.

Bourjois Contouring Illusion Bronzer

Move over, Physician's Formula. Bourjois has become my go-to brand for bronzers over the last few years, and with good reason. This is a beautiful bronze-and-highlight duo with a pretty pattern. Both bronzer and highlighter for £7.99 is a good deal. This duo is perfect for travel. I want to keep this just to look at!
Buy it here.
 Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: Best 12 Bourjois Makeup Buys

 Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: Best 12 Bourjois Makeup BuysBourjois Aqua Blush

Not a fan of cream blush? Think any kind of blush feels heavy and makes your pores stand out? This is a refreshing, lightweight gel that sinks right in for a radiant effect, and feels like nothing at all! You need the teeniest amount, bounced in with a damp Beautyblender. Costing £8.99, this blush will last for ages. Comes in four shades. I recommend Inge-Nude for no-makeup look fans.
Buy here.  

 Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: Best 12 Bourjois Makeup BuysBourjois Air Mat Foundation

Reviewed here by me. This is my favourite drugstore foundation. Coverage is full and lasting, with great blendability. Performs as well as any department store foundation. Costs £9.99.
Buy here. 

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder

Given that these first came out in 2009, Bourjois may well have started off the chocolate-scented, chocolate-packaged, makeup product trend.
These are - THE Best. Bronzers. Ever. More so than Nars Laguna (yes, I have two of those), Too Faced Chocolate Soleil, or anything Physician's Formula has come up with. And a fabulous deal at £7.99. These come in four shades.
To top it all, these smell, and are packaged, just like chocolate, with a hint of exotic spices. And the smell lingers for years. Taking a sniff every now and then is actually therapeutic. I'll never be without these.
Buy here.  
 Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder

Bourjois Poudre de Riz Java

You want to highlight, but are sick of the overkill? Don't want to look like Edward Cullen in real life to look glowing on Instagram? Buy this one. It is a loose powder. A little goes a long way, and it is priced at £9.99. It gives a very subtle lit-from-within look, and doubles as a setting powder, but you can still get the no-makeup makeup look with it. 
Buy here. 
Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: 12 Best Makeup Products From Bourjois

Bourjois La Palette Les Smoky

This is the first time I'm seeing larger eyeshadow palettes from Bourjois - I'll do a review of these once mine arrives. How CUTE is the packaging? There are two versions; a smoky one and a nude one (you'll see it in a minute). Both are priced at £11.99 and contain eight eyeshadows. There are very, VERY few of these left; I daresay they will all be gone shortly.
Buy here. 
Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: 12 Best Bourjois Makeup ProductsHoliday 2016 Gift Guide: 12 Best Bourjois Makeup Products

 Bourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours LipstickBourjois Rouge Edition 12 hours Lipstick

I just bought one of these and will review it soon - I had reviewed the regular Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks back when this blog was at its infancy. This is the new and improved 12-hour edition and costs £7.99. 
Buy here. 

Bourjois Tropical Festival Bronzing Powder

This year's Summer edition of my favourite bronzer. Bourjois OWNS the bronzer niche, with these cute choco booklets. This one doesn't smell like chocolate, but I love the non-orange, sunkissed shade. Same price as the regular Delice de Poudre. Few left.  
Buy here. 

 Bourjois Tropical Festival Bronzing Powder Bourjois Tropical Festival Bronzing Powder

Bourjois La Palette Les Nudes

This is the nude version of the smoky palette above. Comes in the same cute packaging. I prefer the shades in this one, because the silvery shades in the smoky palette usually don't go well with my yellow tones. Will go out of stock any second. 
Buy here.
 Bourjois La Palette Les Nudes

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush

 Bourjois Little Round Pot BlushBourjois rose to fame in 1863, with their iconic "little round pots" of blush. You cannot go wrong with a product that has been around for more than 150 years. My favourite shade is Rose d'Or, a beautiful drugstore dupe for Nars Orgasm. And it is less dear, at £7.99.
Buy here.

 Bourjois Velvet Edition Souffle LipstickBourjois Rouge Edition Souffle de Velvet Lipstick

An even more whipped/souffle take of the regular Rouge Edition Velvets. I only wish these came in more shades. The price is the same £8.99. I didn't think it was possible to make those lippies even more lightweight, but they've done it.
Buy here.

These are just SOME of the goodies that Bourjois has to offer - more Bourjois picks can be found here.
Go here to check out the other goodies Feelunique has to offer. Until midnight on 26 October, you can get 20% off all makeup using code THEICONS20 - that's a great time to stock up on Bourjois.
Best of all, Feelunique's Advent Calendar is coming out next week, and contains 12 makeup and skincare goodies. Go here to check out last year's Advent Calendar. Stay tuned - I'll do a spoiler post once the calendar is out for sale! 



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