Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Beauty Expert's Expert Edition Collection

There is a new beauty collection out on Beauty Expert - we have seen their Rose Edition, the Radiance Collection, and the Indulgence Collection. The new bag on the block is the Expert Edition,
As usual, this collection costs £50, and contains products worth more than £120. This time, we only have skin and hair care, and bath and body products - no makeup, unlike the Indulgence set.

Scroll down for the contents of Beauty Expert's Expert Edition Collection. 

The contents of the Beauty Expert Expert Edition Collection

The  Expert Edition from Beauty Expert contains:
  • 1. The Hero Project Glow Drops Facial Oil (30ml)
  • 2. Màdara Brightening AHA Peel Mask (60ml)
  • 3. ila-spa Body Wash & Lotion Duo (2 x 150ml)
  • 4. Joico Colour Endure Treatment Masque (250ml)
  • 5. Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid (118ml)
  • 6. Su-Man Face Polish (30ml)
  • 7. Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturiser (15ml)
  • 8. Nuxe Fondant Body Scrub (50ml)
Beauty Expert's Expert Edition Collection

The Hero Project Glow Drops Facial Oil (30ml)
Having recently discovered the AMAZING 30% Vitamin C from this brand, I'm dying to try their other products. This is a Vitamin C-centric dry facial oil that can be used in the mornings as well, even beneath makeup. For this one product alone, I'm getting this collection. I'll do a review of the Hero Project's Vit C shortly, so you'll know why.

Màdara Brightening AHA Peel Mask (60ml)
Words such as "peel" and "AHA" make me buy. Alpha- and Beta- Hydroxy Acids have made a HUGE difference in my skincare and acne control since last year. I've read very good reviews of this mask and know I'll be pleased with it.
Beauty Expert Edition Collection

ila-spa Body Wash & Lotion Duo (2 x 150ml)
I haven't come across the brand before, but a full-sized body wash and a body lotion is always welcome, since I'm always running out of these staples. 

Joico Colour Endure Treatment Masque (250ml)
I haven't coloured my hair at any point; nonetheless, I enjoy a good hair treatment masque that deep-conditions and softens.

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid (118ml)
I finished up a full bottle of this recently. It is an ideal morning acid, after cleansing. This bottle alone costs £27. Along with The Hero Project's Glow Drops, this makes up for the price of the full collection.

Su-Man Face Polish (30ml)
The 120ml tube of this exfoliant costs £40. This is a caffeine-rich product that uses coffee grains rather than microbeads or walnut shells to exfoliate.

Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturiser (15ml)
I love the Ibuki range, particularly the eye cream and the cleanser. I haven't tried the moisturiser, but I'm presuming it is as good as the two products I've tried.

Nuxe Fondant Body Scrub (50ml)
You know I am a huge fan of Nuxe products. Now that the weather is warming and you're getting the skirts and sleeveless shirts out, a body scrub is a must-have.

To buy this collection, go here to Beauty Expert. They ship worldwide, and stocks are limited!
The Indulgence Collection is still available here, for £50.



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