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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bourjois One Second Magic Nail Polish Remover review and photos before and after use

Bourjois One Second Magic Nail Polish Remover review

I stopped by the Bourjois counter over the weekend to check out their gel texture One Second nail polish (review coming up later) and someone was asking for nail polish remover. The SA showed them the regular polish remover as well as the Bourjois One Second Magic Nail polish remover which promised instant removal in one second. The customer bought the regular one. So I grabbed this.

The pink bottle contains 75ml of acetone- and paraben-free solvent and a black sponge. I paid INR650, simply because it claimed that cotton wasn't required, and rushed home to try it out. My first mistake was taking a deep whiff of the inside. It doesn't smell like the "red fruit and vanilla" the label on the bottle promises!
Bourjois One Second Magic Nail Polish Remover review
I was wearing black NYX polish with Konad Special White stamped over it and my mani was a few days old and somewhat chipped. According to the instructions on the bottle, you need to dip each finger into the hole in the sponge, twist it and remove it. Polish is removed in one second.
I tried my index finger first. I don't know if the polish is removed in a second or not. It takes about three or so seconds to dunk your finger in, twist it and pull it out. When I pulled my index finger out, it was mostly polish-free, except for traces at the edges and cuticle. I repeated the procedure with the other fingers, and the yellow excuses for nails you see in the picture (below to the right) came out.
The nails were left with a pleasant smell - red fruit and vanilla, according to the bottle, though my family said it reminded them of cherry. This remover is especially brilliant if you want to remove polish on just one nail to make corrections.
Bourjois One Second Magic Nail Polish Remover review
The remover also contains sweet almond oil. I googled the product just now and found reviews saying it left the fingers feeling greasy - mine didn't feel greasy at all. I'm definitely going to repurchase this and use it for as long as they produce it.
I wonder if the sponge inside will be saturated with all the polish someday. Also, will the solvent in there run out? If so, will they come out with refills or are you supposed to shell out for a new one? I have no idea if this removes glitter. I'll try it out the next time I wear glitter polish. But it can't be worse that the glitter going all over your finger and between the nail and the skin and, worse, the fluff from the cotton sticking to glitter on the nails, can it?
Where does the polish go? Well, the solvent clearly dissolves the actual polish, just as it is meant to do. Undissolved pigment sinks to the bottom in time as it is heavier. 
Bourjois One Second Magic Nail Polish Remover review
I hate the process of removing nail polish. The strong smell of the remover is migraine-inducing. I invariably get the polish off my nails and on to the cotton pad, but also all over my fingers and whatever I am wearing. If I want to remove polish just on one nail, I manage to get rid of the nice polish on the fingers holding the cotton pad as well. That is why this is a revolutionary product.
There is a reason Bourjois is the only drugstore brand I love. They have so many innovative and quality products, they should consider going the department store way. I am quite thrilled with the results of this remover.
Sadly, you can't push in your toes in the bottle. Nor can you use this for removing polish off your Konad plates, stamp or scraper. Still, this is Bourjois I'm talking about, so I have hopes that they will produce one for the toes soon.

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