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Friday, February 01, 2013

Dior Addict lipstick sampler palette swatches, review, photos

I had mentioned before that the SA at Dior gave me an Addict lippy sample pack to try out.
The packaging is cute, quite like the full-sized Addict lippy case itself. I really didn't want to cut this open.
The palette has three shades: Baby Rose (561), Diorkiss (578) and Collection (865). It also comes with a cute lip brush which I will keep long after the samples get over.
You can separate the three lippies to cram into tiny purses.
I've swatched them on quite thickly - they're creamy and easy to apply.
They don't last forever - maybe a tint after lunch - but feel good and not dry.
 Baby Rose is, as the name suggests, a baby pink. It is quite sheer and shimmery. You need a few swipes to build the colour you see on the swatch. I would prefer wearing this as a lip gloss, layered over some harsher colour.

I love Diorkiss and I've ordered the full size. It is a lovely medium pink that suits my skin tone. It is also a lot more pigmented than Baby Rose. Collection is reddish, with pink undertones. It looks a lot deeper in the palette, but goes on as a subtle red when applied to the lips. I'm using this as gloss as well, to add life to really pale shades - am not sure yet if I'll want the full size.
P.S. I received the sample when I bought two Dior lippies (reviewed here). The SA had no idea that I was going to blog about them.

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