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Friday, February 08, 2013

LUSH haul

What I love the most about LUSH is the basket of smells that envelopes you the moment you enter the shop. It is all I can do not to buy everything in sight when it all smells so gorgeous.
Anyway, here is the latest:
1. Snake Oil massage bar (the pinkish bar in the picture below) - I fell in love with the concept of a "soap" out of which you could get anti-dandruff oil. Plus, it smells great. This is my second bar. I'm not sure how well it controls dandruff, as I have seasonal flaking depending on the time of the year. Anyway, what you do is cut off a bit of the "soap", rub your hands together till they're warm, rub the "soap" bit between your hands, and you get the oil. Massage your scalp thoroughly. I leave it overnight and wash it out the next day. It didn't stain my pillows and I think it leaves my hair softer and smelling nice.
2. Jungle solid conditioner (the green, round thing to the right of pink bar) -  They wrapped this with another label. It is my first solid conditioner. I really hope it works well, though I'm not sure if I'm supposed to rub the whole thing on my hair or if I have to cut off a portion. Is it as strong as regular conditioner? Most importantly, I CO-wash my hair and use shampoo only when I've applied oil. Can I CO-wash with this? I'll share my discoveries.
3. Jumping Juniper shampoo bar (the white wrapping with purple thing inside) - Although it contains SLS, I'm on my third bar or so now, for two reasons. It is extremely handy while travelling. There was the time when I opened my suitcase to find shampoo spillage and.... The other reason is that it does a great job of removing oil, grease and build-up, so I use it when I need clarifying, maybe once in a couple of months.
4. Squeaky Green shampoo bar (the wrapping with green thing) - Same as above. And, this is really handy when I'm washing only my bangs.

5. Whoosh shower jelly - I've had such fun with this in the shower. Best use only a small portion, because mine got all over the bathroom floor. I'd call it shower gel in jelly form. If they added exfoliants in this, it would be the perfect scrub.I haven't used this for my hair, though the jar says I can - yes, there is SLS. Also, why parabens in a shower jelly?

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