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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Prescription face wash

Today's was going to be an Oscar-special mani post. Sadly, only I knew that what I had painted on my nails were golden Oscar statuettes. To the rest of the world, it looked like blobs of sand on my black polish, so I decided to skip the post altogether.
In late January, I had a bad skin reaction to SLS in my anti-acne face wash and went howling to my derm with the top layer of my cheeks eaten away. I was put on Cetaphil (no cleansing except with water at first) and, now that my face looks human, she said I could use a creme face wash which would keep away the breakouts as well as be mild on me.
This is Brevoxyl Creamy Wash - contains 4% benzoyl peroxide. I've been using the face wash twice a day for about 10 days now and I love it. After washing my face with it at night, I apply BP (5%) when I have spots, which is about once a month or so. Not much lather to the face wash. It is very creamy - but very effective as a cleanser. My face is spotless, literally. Doesn't over-dry the skin either, but my face stays matte for a longer while than usual. Brevoxyl is made by Stiefel Laboratories, North Carolina.

The cat is a bronze in my parents' antique collection - here's a picture of the life-size set of four :) The doily was made by my paternal grandmother who died some years ago. Enjoy the Oscars, everyone!

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