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Monday, March 04, 2013

More Liebster Awards

I'm travelling on Wednesday and will be back on Sunday, but will be online :) And I'm planning a "dotticure" tomorrow, but I can't promise aesthetic appeal.
I've been nominated for more Liebster awards! Thank you, Sally and Sinead. I'm just going to answer the questions this time :) Anyone is welcome to answer the same questions (especially the one right below - would love to read your answers so please link me).

Questions from Sally:
1) What has been your biggest fashion faux-pas?
I was working at a magazine. At the Annual Conference, they had just announced my name as gold-medal winner for Best Newcomer journalist. I glanced down to find my brand-new trousers' zip had busted and you could see my bright blue... never mind. Was seated next to one of the bosses (who, thankfully, hadn't noticed). I said I needed to get to a bathroom, but he wouldn't let me, so I had to go receive the medal on a will and a prayer. Thankfully, no one noticed, though I was asked why I was hobbling. Or maybe they were too polite. Maybe that explains the huge round of applause.

2) Have you got a favourite pair of shoes?
Keeps changing. Now it's a pair of ankle booties I'll shoe-case soon!

3) Do you have any pets?

4) Most meaningful piece of jewellery?
A white-gold diamond bracelet my parents bought me some years back. It's so pretty, I could look at it all day.

5) Favourite highstreet fashion brand?
Zara, Zara all the way!

6) Favourite high end makeup brand?
Lancome (except for lipstick - lippy is Chanel, followed by Estee Lauder).

7) Best dressed celebrity?
I'm going to shock everyone: Colin Firth. Hahahahaha! (Especially in that scene with wet breeches).

8) What are your favourite posts to read on blogs?
Product reviews, followed by favourites.

9) How long have you been blogging for?
Five or six years, though this one is only two months old.

10) What is your dream job?
Author (fiction mainly, and military history). If not, beauty editor.

11) Person you care about the most?
My parents. 

Questions from Sinead:
1. What is your Pet Peeve?
There are quite a few. I'll start with jaywalkers, queue jumpers and drivers who overtake through the left. 

2. What do you want to achieve this year?
Edit my first novel. More on this another time. 
3. Why and When did you start Blogging?

4. What is your biggest Achievement?
At age 19, I was awarded a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship to do my Masters' in Bristol (took it up when I was 20).

5. What was your first job if you have had one?
English teacher. Don't remind me.

6. Best childhood memory
Going biking to the beach (2km away) with cousin Van, but losing our way so we landed in the next county.

7. Do you have any pets. If not, what would you like?
I had a pet squirrel named Bert. Not a pet really; my gramps and I rescued him/her. He/she died....

8. A food and drink you like and dislike?
Love green tea, believe it or not, and hate coffee.

9. Where was your last holiday?

10. Where do you see your blog in a years time?

11. What are your hobbies?
Too many to name, and all nerdy ones.

Right, I have to rush to pack, but I promise a nail trail post tomorrow before I leave, though I can't promise the nail will look nice.

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