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Friday, March 15, 2013

Please help me with the whole Google Reader-GFC thing

First of all, I would like to share alternative links to follow my blog (please leave yours on your blog or in the comments):
1. Twitter
2. She Said Beauty
3. Bloglovin' (Does anyone know how to see your followers on Bloglovin'?)
4. Networked Blogs
5. Facebook

I will also add the Google+ widget to my blog as soon as I can figure out how I can get more privacy from some creepy former acquaintances who have added me to their circles.

Now. I have some really stupid questions and I've made some assumptions which even I think are wrong. Here is a screenshot of my Blogger Dashboard. Click the picture to enlarge.
The way I understand it, Google Reader and GFC seem to be two different things. So this dashboard in the screenshot is where I see thumbnail feeds of all the blogs I'm following. I click on read more and go to each person's blog.
I add blogs here by clicking on the "Join this site" widget on your blogs. I googled and found that this widget would only work on Blogger or Blogger-powered sites, and there was nothing about the widget going.
If you look at the right hand side of that screenshot, you will see "View with Google Reader". Which means, so far, we have not been on Google Reader.
When you click that option, you go to another page - screenshot below - where you can see all the blogs you're following, but with a difference. You can read all the latest posts in this one page without visiting the other people's blogs. The full content. When I opened this page by clicking "View with Google Reader", I got a pop-up that said "Google Reader will not be available from 1 July".
Another thing is that Google Reader is the app that helps you read blogs on your phone/tablet. I tried with the web version today and found the first screenshot appeared as shown above, on my mobile browser (I use Android 4.0 and an Xperia phone).
So the way I understand it, only that option, "View in Google Reader", will disappear, right? The other page on the Dashboard will continue to show thumbnails of your friends' blogs? And the "Join this site" widget shall remain on the blog, right? Or am I far, far dumber than anyone - myself included - thought? Is the "Join This Site" widget disappearing as well? Please do help me!

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