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Friday, March 08, 2013

How to survive a shopping ban: Tips and tricks

For a make-up junkie, there is nothing worse than a self-imposed spending ban (apart from having no money). I began in February and the ban ends in mid-March. (extended as I went in for the MUA offers in early Feb and wanted a whole month of no-buys).
Here are a few tips I've followed/discovered, which provide beauty-addiction fixes without making me break the ban:
1. Put everything you almost buy or want to buy on an Excel file. Keep looking at your stash and go to the Excel file and delete stuff you don't want. Now I have only six items I really can't do without (sorry, I realise the screenshot of my Excel file shows only part of one sheet and not the have-to-buy sheet).
2. Tell yourself everything you want is already on its way in the mail and will reach your address in a month.
3. Beauty box subscriptions help - you get your beauty fix, but you didn't spend during the ban!
4. I joined a tonne of giveaways. Didn't win any, but it helped with the ban.
5. Now I have more money to blow up next week. Make your post-ban wishlist.
6. Use the time to research what you really want to own. And what you regret buying.

7. Index everything. Your primers. Your concealers. Everything.
 8. Colour-code your index of lippies, shadows and polishes - see my colour-coded index file of polishes (including wishlist); I realise the shades are not exact, but that's because Office offers limited colours. Click picture to enlarge.
How to survive a shopping ban: Tips and tricks
Get more tips after the break.

9. Ideally, place a couple of orders online before you begin the ban. They'll arrive mid-way, so you will get your beauty-fix. 
10. Do a few NOTD, EOTD and other related blog posts. 
11. Play with your polishes. Try out your wildest nail art ideas. 
12. Read a beauty book from the library. Watch YouTube videos and make notes.
13. Set a reward - I will treat myself to a Lush haul if I survive the ban.
14. Decide what you will buy for the reward (I have a looong Lush list).
15. If all else fails, hide your purse and cards.
It wasn't that tough actually; I only regret not buying the Rimmel Apocalips from an Int'l website - now they're out of stock (aaaaaaaargh).
How to survive a shopping ban: Tips and tricks

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