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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Huge haul: Sleek, Benefit, MUA, Soap & Glory, Dirty Works....

Recently I came across a group called Order Makeup UK that would get UK and US brands delivered at home without all the customs-dangerous-goods-duty-lost-in-post headaches. I gave them a list of brands whose pricelists I wanted, and they actually managed to get me Dirty Works - I didn't know Dirty Works even sold outside Sainsbury's!

The package finally arrived yesterday and I had a lovely time opening everything. The Glad Hair Day shampoo came with the lid broken off and some spillage :( They've said they'll take it up with the courier soon. Shipping was very nominal and they can get me any brand I want.
In addition to all the lovely products, which I will review in detail over the coming weeks, I also got some freebies and samples - a full-size Revlon primer - dying to try it; a full-size MUA polish and a full-size Fur Effect Nails; and a full-size Lanvin lip balm apart from some perfume samples and a mini Smashbox mascara.
Also, instead of the nail polishes I had ordered, they sent me two that I didn't order. When I said the polishes had been mixed up and that I didn't order the magnetic or glitter polishes, they said I could keep them free of charge and they would credit the amount for the polishes I had wanted towards my future orders, or just send me the polishes I wanted instead! Woot! It's like getting a subscription box free along with your order! Detailed posts coming soon.

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