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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Glam Guru Israel beauty box review, unboxing, photos: International beauty box

Meet the Glam Guru Summer Box. Glam Guru is an Israel-based company that offers beauty boxes every month/month-and-a-half or so. You cannot subscribe as such; if you're on their mailing list, they'll let you know when a box is out, and its theme, and you can tell them your preferences (makeup-centric/skincare/all-organic/anything else) and if you want one. Which is good, you won't receive a box you don't want - and please do mention that Renu of My Beauty Junction sent you and we'll both benefit. I had requested a skin/hair-care heavy box and specified what I didn't want. But read on, and your queries shall be answered.

I've been haunting the post-office lately and the postman says it reminds him of his father's stories of wartime. My box arrived today, 14 days after they sent it, by registered post. We are having incredibly heavy monsoons here and the rains are battering everything in the way. I saw the out-of-shape external box - with their logo - and my heart sank at first. But wait, everything was intact inside!
It was all wrapped up in blue and green tissue paper and, as you can see, the rains wanted a peek into the goodies. There was no product card.
I opened the green wrapper - and squealed! Inside: a lovely travel makeup pouch. I particularly like the shape and size and that it is transparent. There was soft packaging to keep the two glass bottles inside safe.
Here's what I got inside the Summer Glam Guru Box:
Jasmin Natural Care Perfume Oil Extract: I'm presuming this is a full-size product, as it is in a glass bottle. Smells like a dream - I've never tried a perfume oil extract before and I can't wait to see how long it lasts on my pulse points.
Simply Be Well Rosemary Mint Body Wash: Organic and made in the US. No sulphates. Smells great. What's not to love? Queuing up in my crowded shower.
Kaiser double-sided nail file: Steel and glass may break my nails but emery never hurts me. I was running out, so this is handy.
Senscience Silk Moisture Shampoo: Made by Shiseido (US), this shampoo is for dry hair. Given that mine has less moisture than the entire Sahara desert, I'll give this a shot.
Orly Nail Polish in Synchro: Any beauty box that sends Orly, even if it's mini-sized, is a winner in my book. Synchro is a gorgeous shade from the fall Electronica collection. Beats me how it turned up, given the strict international shipping rules. Welcome to my stash, my first Orly polish!
San Francisco Soap Company Vanilla Orchid Moisturising Hand Cream: I haven't opened the seal yet (this is also US-made) but I usually love Vanilla creams.
Revolution Kava Kava 60 Second Mask for Dry/Damaged hair: Also organic; made in Israel. Salon exclusive. The product feels thick and there is enough for a use, so this isn't one of those thin foil sachets.
Now I've saved the best for last:
Second up - the blue tissue. I got a Konjac Sponge (White) and a Barbara Hofmann Eyeshadow Brush. I've been wanting to try a Konjac Sponge for aaaaages now and will definitely let you know how I get along. The brush is soft and looks like a very good blending or crease brush. Barbara Hofmann is a German company that has been making brushes for more than 20 years now.
Issues with this box: Lack of a product card, maybe? If only to tell you what the full size is and how much it costs. I would also request sturdier and waterproof packaging. Though everything was safe, we'll probably have rains till October at this rate. And I hope they never send sachets!
So. All generously-sized. And, all international brands. Mostly organic and cruelty-free. Why have I been cruelly kept uninformed of this box before? The whole point of a beauty box is to try brands you haven't heard of and these brands are mostly new to me. I am not going to renew certain existing subscriptions that send three samples including, last time, random jars filled with herbal powders that made me sneeze and itch like no tomorrow - click here to see what I mean.
I will definitely get the next Glam Guru box, once they notify me! Including international shipping, the cost is $28 per box - though you might have to ask as it could vary from country to country. I think it's well worth it for the quality and quantity of products.
How to order a Glam Guru box: You can pay by PayPal and customer service is with you all the way through the process. Email with your preferences, and they'll tell you where you can send your Paypal money - and please do mention that Renu of My Beauty Junction sent you and we'll both have some fun, hopefully!
Re: the Glam Guru website (click here), there's only one page in English, though you can look at previous boxes. Within a few minutes of browsing, a chat window popped up and they said hello and were asking how they could help! Now that is customer service!
Disclaimer: Nope, not PR! I bought this. I'll tell you if/when this blog ever commands that much power! 

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