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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stash show: Eyeshadow palette collection

Thought I'd show you the eyeshadow palettes I have and love. I began using eyeshadow regularly and properly only from this January, so it's still growing. I'll share my individual eyeshadows another time. Please click on the link on each (if applicable) to see an EOTD or a swatch. If not, I'll do it sometime.
Drugstore eyeshadow palettes:
MUA - Glitterball, Immaculate Collection, Glamour Days. See swatches here.
Sleek - iDivine Sunset. See swatches here and an EOTD here.

Accessorize - Your Are Everything, Lovely Day. Great range of colours.
Rimmel - Sun Safari, State of Grace, plus two more quads in my travel kit. See a look here.
Bourjois - All these in the Smoky Eyes Trio, plus Vintage Rose, which is in my travel kit- these were the second set of shadow palettes I ever bought! You can see some looks here, here and here.
Miners - Masterclass x 2; Jewel x 2. These are surprisingly good, particularly the Jewel palettes. I'm not fond of the packaging. Feels a bit cheap-plasticky.
Motives - Shrove Tuesday palette. I only like two of the lippies in this and dislike the shadows (missing in pictures but you can see it in my Vellvette box post here).
E.L.F. - 32-piece warm palette. Ginormous range of warm neutrals, and only one glittery shadow. See swatches here.
Revlon - Custom Eyes. Sorry, but these are the worst eyeshadow palettes I've ever tried. Zilch pigmentation, nada staying power and awful fallout. Don't go for my throat if they are your HG. This is a personal, subjective blog.

Department store eyeshadow palettes

Too Faced - Liquif-Eye. This is the first eyeshadow palette I bought and I love it to bits.
TheBalm - Meet Matte - see a look here - Balm Jovi and N0de 'Tude - see details here (I remember buying a Balmbini 2... where did it go?). For Keeps is actually a lip palette. I'm wondering why I put in there.
Urban Decay - N@ked 1 and N@ked 2

Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist
Given the range of colours across these and the fact that most of them contain pigmented shadows, I only have five palettes on my wishlist (for now):
Accessorize Exposed - The name is a giveaway. Like Undressed, N0de, N@ked....
Balm and the Beautiful - Love this, want it. Why isn't anyone selling it? Why isn't TheBalm reintroducing it?
Meet Matt(e) N0de - I'm sort of iffy about this, given the colours in Meet Matt(e). So I may not buy. But the Too Faced Matte palette wouldn't necessarily hurt.... 
Sephora Blockbuster - I'll tell you the story behind this. The beautiful SA in the Sephora in Seattle, Wash., (I dunno her name but she wears spectacles and has flawless skin and ash blonde hair) begged me to buy this in October 2010 because the stock had just come in and I was just getting into makeup. I told her (in lofty tones) I didn't need all that and only minimal makeup must be used (*banshee wail*). She swore I would regret it one day and would remember her ever since. Both her predictions have come true - she should quit being an SA and go in for fortune telling. I've spent subsequent Octobers to Decembers hunting across Sephoras in Europe and Asia only to have every single piece sell out "five seconds ago". 

What's your favourite palette, and do you have an "I regret not buying this..." sob-story like mine?

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