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Friday, August 23, 2013

New in stash: Swatches and review of Accessorize Exposed palette

The Accessorize Exposed palette had been on my wishlist for a while and I finally got my hands on it today. Like the You Are Everything and Lovely Day palettes from Accessorize, Exposed has cute packaging and 32 shadows.
The shadows are all variants of neutral shades, making this a must-have for anyone who likes eyeshadow. You can do quite a few looks with this; there are around half a dozen matte eyeshadows, and the others are shimmery, glittery or pearly. The best part is that they've chosen enough shades for the crease, lid and inner corner;
most palettes either have too many crease colours while others have pale inner-corner colours.
Even if you own quite a few neutral palettes, I think there are a couple of gorgeous shades here that you won't find elsewhere - the superb shimmery maroon (third from left, bottom row) and the golden brown (third from right, third row) are some examples. Two of these shades exist in the Lovely Day and You Are Everything palettes from Accessorize as well.
I haven't squeezed in all 32 shades on my forearm; I have swatched eight shades with my fingers, without any primer. There isn't as much fallout as MUA. And the swatches don't go away even when you rub on them with your palm.
How does Accessorize Exposed compare with theBalm's N+deTude and the Urban Decay N@keds? IMO there are more shades here and it is less expensive than the others - of course, theBalm and Urban Decay are more pigmented even without primer and have nil fallout. But if you really like neutrals, or feel the other palettes have few crease options or too many dark shades, this is a must-have for your vanity.

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