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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hallowe'en manicure 1: Blood "drip" nail art

Blood drip manicure for Hallowe'en nail art challenge with Zoya Avril
I've never tried drip nail art before, and figured a Hallowe'en manicure challenge would be a good time to give them a shot - especially if I could get red polish to drip down! The base obviously had to be light, so I picked Zoya Avril.
It was only recently that I discovered Zoya polishes, and I love the formula more than China Glaze! Very easy to apply; nice brush; you can get streak-free finishes in two coats with the cremes which also dry quickly enough. All photographs were taken in natural light. Avril is a soft rose-ish-neutral. The colour you think healthy, unstained nails should be. It is somewhat on the sheer side.
Blood drip manicure for Hallowe'en nail art challenge with Zoya Avril
Drip manicures are quite easy to do - even for those unsteady of hand. First, paint a bit of the dripping color on the edge - it doesn't have to be neat; the more uneven, the better. With a dotting tool, lay out thick dots randomly on the nail. Now drag the dotting tool from some of the dots to the edge, where you painted the line of colour. There's your "drip".
I wore this yesterday - October 27 is my Mum's birthday (ordered books off eBay as presents; they're on their way) - and I hope no one was put off their dinner at the restaurant.
This one's going into the Crumpet's Nail Challenge for Hallowe'en 2013 under the category "Blood and/or Gore". 
I've got another Hallowe'en manicure idea which I will be wearing shortly. That's the regular orange-and-black and I hope it turns out better than the blood-drip! Stay tuned to see it - and maybe another Hallowe'en mani!
What manis are you doing for Hallowe'en?

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