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Monday, March 31, 2014

WondeRuci Mascara Remover review, usage and results

WondeRuci Mascara Remover review
When I signed up for Memebox - that was when they were shipping worldwide and answering emails promptly, treating customers from all countries alike - I had $10 in referral and sign-up vouchers and decided to treat myself to some makeup, apart from ordering Memebox Global Edition 4, which is unboxed and reviewed here. I saw the WondeRuci Real Mascara Remover for $14 on their website and ordered it.
The WondeRuci Real Mascara Remover promised to get rid of even waterproof and/or fibre mascara in a jiffy, without tugging or rubbing, and I jumped at it because getting all my mascara off is the least-favourite part in my cleansing routine, even with NUXE Micellar Water and Lancome Bifacil, both of which always get in my eyes. I know, I am clumsy.

Here is my review of the WondeRuci Real Mascara Remover.

Packaging of WondeRuci Real Mascara Remover

Clean pinky-white external cardboard box with holo brand name. Inside, a white tube with a magenta cap. No fuss.
WondeRuci Mascara Remover review
The wand is small and has a helix pattern.
WondeRuci Mascara Remover review

Formula of WondeRuci Real Mascara Remover

The "key ingredients" listed are Isononyl Sxononanoate (don't even ask), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Polythylene, Polysorbate80, Jojoba Seed Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Glycerine, Ethylhexlglycerin, Grapefruits Seed Extract and Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract. Since these have been marked "key" ingredients, I have no idea what else this product contains.
WondeRuci Mascara Remover review
The product is clear and very watery. It also feels a bit greasy, despite being so watery; must be all those oils in the ingredients.

Usage and results of the WondeRuci Real Mascara Remover

What you are supposed to do is, apply the product to the lashes and hold the wand against them for three seconds, and then wipe off the mascara without rubbing, tugging or taking much of an effort.
WondeRuci Mascara Remover review
I did exactly that, and I think I must have used this product about a dozen times with a variety of mascaras (mostly non-waterproof and always non-fibre), having the same results each time. As you can see, I haven't removed the eyeshadow because I didn't want to accidentally wipe off any of the mascara before using the Remover.
What I find is, the liquid/oil wets the mascara on the eyelashes. But does this make it any easier to remove?
Nope. I have tried with cotton pads and find that I end up with lint sticking to my lashes (eww) because the WondeRuci Remover causes the fluff to adhere to the lashes somehow. This never happens with Micellar Water or Bifacil.
WondeRuci Mascara Remover review
Here is a cleansing wipe with the results. To the left, I have the mascara which had the WondeRuci Remover applied. To the right are patches of mascara removed solely with the wipe, and no other makeup remover. Sorry about the eyeshadow coming off as well.
I had to rub my lashes with the wipe in both cases. The effort I put in was the same and the results were also the same - the mascara was gone both with and without the WondeRuci Remover. In fact, Bifacil and NUXE Micellar Water work much better and require less rubbing. So this product does not make a whisker of a difference.
Bottom Line
I don't need this product one bit; it simply does not work (at least, not for me after some 12 tries). I would have been better off spending the $10 credits and the $4 I paid for this on something else, like those cool cocoon exfoliating balls. But I suppose I lost a chunk of wisdom with my tooth in February. At least I didn't pay the full price of $14. So even Korean products can be duds! Lesson learnt.
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