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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Floral nail art on Givenchy Noir Celeste polish

Floral nail art stickers on Givenchy Noir Celeste polish
For this week's GOT Polish challenge, the theme is "flowers". As weird as I am, I knew I wasn't going to do anything with light or bright colours, or anything typically floral. I went through my stash and decided to go with a black nail polish for the base to make it look a bit gothic. I only own two black nail polishes - China Glaze Liquid Leather, and Givenchy Vernis Please! nail polish in Noir Celeste. I have used Liquid Leather several times but Noir Celeste had been swatched once and put away, so I decided to pick it up a second time.
Noir Celeste is a winter nail polish, but my whole point is to not have a floral-looking manicure with flowers. This is not a pure, creamy, jet black, but a very shimmery black polish, meant to represent a starry sky. Here is how Givenchy Vernis Please! Noir Celeste looks without any embellishments.
Givenchy Vernis Please Noir Celeste black nail polish swatches
I had picked up Noir Celeste in 2013 when a website named Medplus Beauty offered a discount to the first 10 customers - after checking that the expiry date was only in 2015. The formula is so-so; I much prefer specialist manufacturers' polish formulae, such as O.P.I., China Glaze, Ciate, Zoya and so on. This wasn't streaky, but it was a little too thick for my liking and didn't go on very evenly. Drying time was decent and the glitter did not feel gritty or rough. There was a little tip wear in two days, which needed touching up before I embellished the manicure.
I was going to stamp flowers on this, but, as you know, my back won't cooperate now, so I decided to take the easy way out and just apply these nail art stickers. A bit lazy; I prefer even freehand to this, but I don't have a choice right now. I will be, if you pardon the awful pun, sticking to nail art stickers for my next mani as well, or until my back gets better. All pictures - unedited as usual - are outdoors in natural light though it was blazing that day and washed out the colours quite a bit, especially my skintone.
Floral nail art stickers on Givenchy Noir Celeste polish
The stickers are thin and stay on flat without sticking out. I wore Bourjois Gloss-Fixant topcoat above them and they stayed put through showers and brush-cleaning for two days before I spent time in bed picking out the polish altogether. I like the overall effect - it looks a bit like Japanese maki-e work, doesn't it?
This is my submission for the flower-themed GOT Polish Challenge. Next week is going to be interesting - the theme is neon and so unlike me!
P.S. My giveaway is almost over. Please give me a few days to sit up and verify entries. And I have a surprise coming up after that in May, so stay tuned :)

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