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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Harnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash review

Harnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash review
This is the second post in my Saturday Sample Review series. Today, I have the Harnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash from my Vanity Trove Box. I have finished the 10ml bottle they sent me and here are my findings.
Harnn Natural Home Spa is a Thailand-based luxury skin and hair care brand that sells around the world. Their USP is:
"A holistic approach to well being by using natural active ingredients to restore the natural balance between body, mind and environment."
For some reason - name, packaging or product range - it reminds me of Thann, also a Thai luxury brand that I love.
Harnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash reviewThe 10ml bottle is transparent-brown and made of sturdy plastic, just like the full-size, but instead of a pump-mechanism, this has an aluminium screw-cap.
Here is the list of active ingredients:
Bamboo Charcoal, Moringa Seed Extract, Water Lily Flower Extract, Chamomile Extract, Pomegranate Extract, Black Tea Extract, Jasmine Oil.
This face wash claims to moisturise and even out the skin tone, draw out impurities and calm the skin down. It smells very, very good - the jasmine fragrance is thankfully subdued. Jasmine happens to be one fragrance that makes me wear my teeth out.
The formula is thick, with grey and white granules suspended in a milky grey base. However, the granules are not the environmentally-harmful microbeads, but dissolve completely when rubbed into the skin. Nor are they gritty - you can barely feel the granules on the skin.
Harnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash reviewHarnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash review
The product spreads out creamy and works well for me as a makeup remover and leaves my face squeaky clean without drying it out. It does not keep my face matte for too long but is easy to rinse off. I cannot comment about deep-seated impurities or skin care benefits since I did not use it long enough to see long-term results, but there were no breakouts from this.
Harnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash reviewHarnn Water Lily Detoxifying Face Wash review
My only gripe is that this face wash is unsuitable for use with the Konjac Sponge as well as Foreo Luna - that is because it is difficult to get the product out of either cleanser. The Konjac remains heavy/soapy unless I put in some violent effort. And, the granules get into the space between the silicone bristles on the Foreo Luna and are near-impossible to remove without substantial pulling, tugging and scrubbing with a toothbrush. I am a huge fan of the Konjac and Foreo Luna, which is why I prefer cleansers that can be used alongside both.
Sample Saturday is a new feature on My Beauty Junction, with short reviews of sample sachets, vials and tubes. This product was sent in a beauty box for review. The opinions are entirely my own.
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