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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bobbi Brown N#de Lip Color #18 review, swatches

Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color #18 review, swatches, photos
Google hates it when I use the term "nyude" - spelling mistake made intentionally to avoid adult content penalties - but unless someone tells cosmetics companies not to use the terms "n@ked", nyude and so on, blogs do not have a choice.
Anyway. I received a set of Bobbi Brown lipsticks as birthday presents - I got to choose the shades, so yay! Needless to say, every one of them was a dusty rose or rosy-neutral. My family keeps asking me why I asked for seven or eight lipsticks that looked exactly alike, but what do they know about the beauty of dusty rose? Today, I will show you one of my favourites from this set.

Here are swatches and the review of Bobbi Brown Lip Color in shade #18 or "N*de".

Packaging of Bobbi Brown Lip Colors

The external box is simple and fancy-free.
Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color #18 review, swatches, photos
Inside, the case is also black. This can be glossy for some lipsticks and matte-finish for others, even within the same range. This one is glossy and quite a fingerprint-magnet, as also the gold-coloured inner tube. After spending on blingy lipsticks which did not work too well for me, I stick to those that perform well, irrespective of packaging.
Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color #18 review, swatches, photos

Formula of Bobbi Brown Lip Colors

This is really creamy but lightweight. It contains beeswax and vitamins C and E. Think of a creamier and more lightweight version of MUFE Rouge Artist Intense, reviewed here. It is easy to apply, non-drying and comfortable. You can see the pigmentation for yourself from the swatches below. I did hear that these lipsticks smell like waxy crayons within a couple of months, but hopefully these will be fine. Or maybe that is my deviated nasal septum (inherited) playing up. Best of all, no parabens.
Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color #18 review, swatches, photos
Staying time is quite decent for a non-liquid lipstick! It is right there with the MUFE Rouge Artist Intense, the Givenchy Le Rouge and the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet. Lancome Rouge in Love stays for a tad longer on me - but that is the stain it leaves behind, and the confusion created by the US, Asian and "general" editions is keeping me from buying more for now. I will show you all the Rouge in Love lipsticks I have another time.
Fading for the Bobbi Brown is even; no flaking, peeling, caking or saliva issues noticed. I need to touch up post-lunch and then it stays put until I get home or eat something else. There is some transfer on glasses and mugs.

Shade and swatches of Bobbi Brown Lip Color in nvude

Bobbi Brown lipsticks are known for their soft, neutral and wearable colours. I prefer such shades over brights on my lips, though I admit to experimenting with a multitude of eyeshadow colours of late. You can pick almost any lipstick from Bobbi Brown and wear it to work. Hence my earlier comment about picking seven similar lipsticks.
Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color #18 review, swatches, photos
This shade is more of a warm, soft-brown, with reddish and pink undertones. It is not an MLBB shade on me, but is on the deeper side to be an exact "nyoode". Argh, I hate these search engine rules about adult content.
If it were a couple of shades deeper, this would be one of those '80s-brown lipsticks my Mum wore even to her wedding!
Here is an on-skin swatch, in natural light. See the rusty tones coming out?
Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color nude #18 review, swatches, photos
Here are on-lips swatches. Both in natural light - first one when freshly applied. Forgive the shadow on one side, this was taken inside the car. Looks more rusty brown than nyude, doesn't it? No liner, primer or gloss used.
Bobbi Brown neutral Lip Color #18 nude review, swatches, photos
The swatch below is in the evening, post-reapplication. There is some wear, despite my reapplying it for this shot. You can see the dark pink undertones there. It is not a classic "nyude" at all.
Bobbi Brown Lip Color neutral shade 18 review, swatches, photos
Although not quite "nyude" on me, I love this colour and the formula, and it is great for everyday wear. Incidentally, Bobbi Brown lipsticks have now joined Mikyajy and Too Faced La Cremes as my favourite non-HG lipsticks and have overtaken Lancome Rouge in Love in my "pecking" order. See here for my HG lipstick.
Stay tuned for an absolute spate of Bobbi Brown lipstick swatches, and a final round-up comparison post. These are brilliant and are available wherever Bobbi Brown lipsticks are sold, or online here. And, you know what? I still have a long list of Bobbi Browns I want and they are all more or less the same shade! 

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