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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Beauty products emptied in May 2014

Beauty products emptied in May 2014
Where did May 2014 go? I barely had time to realise it was May 1, I think, before it was the 31st. Beauty product-wise, I did not finish too many products last month. And, most of whatever I did use up wereessentials, rather than makeup, perfumes, scrubs, packs or pampering products. 
Some of you have asked me how I finish up all these products - as a matter of fact, I do not really use up as many products as I ought to, thanks to my schedule. During some months, there is more time for masks, packs and scrubs. Also, these are products that became empty in May 2014 - I may have taken longer than a month to finish them up. What I do, however, is to stick diligently to morning and night routines for skin care, which I began halfheartedly last year but took up strictly from January 2014. This routine means I regularly use up the products I have. More on my routine in another post.

Here are the beauty products I used up in May 2014 and my quick thoughts on each.

DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo

Beauty products emptied in May 2014Beauty products emptied in May 2014
I love, l.o.v.e., L.O.V.E. this shampoo. Made with skin cleansers and argan oil, it is the gentlest sulphate-free shampoo I have ever tried. It is no use if you have oiled your hair or applied a pack and want to get rid of it, though. But this is my as-a-rule regular shampoo. I invested in a couple of one-litre bottles of this in December. Will repurchase forever.

The Body Shop Shea Whip Body Lotion

Beauty products emptied in May 2014
A neat, fuss-free body lotion. However, I am refraining from buying TBS products for now, as you have seen here. I do have a few more bottles to use up.

Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Treatment Mask

I used to get these in a store nearby and then they changed the logo to the black one, and I felt that quality had plummeted a bit. In December, I found that Neutrogena Middle East persisted with the red labels and I picked up a few things there. Sadly, this mask felt rather gloopy on my skin and I did not notice any difference. It did not do any harm, though. Will not repurchase.
Beauty products emptied in May 2014Beauty products emptied in May 2014

Nuganic Customize Sunblock SPF50

This came in my Luckybox 2 from Memebox. There was enough for about three weeks. A nice little sunscreen; it did not leave a whitish residue. It was a bit heavier than the Vichy, Shiseido, Banana Boat and Estee Lauder suncreens. I did not use it on my face, fearing breakouts. I am expecting more sunblock(s) in the Summer Special box from Memebox.
Beauty products used up in May 2014: Empties

Holika Holika Baby Silk Foot Mask

I bought some 30 of these from W2Beauty, which is my favourite Korean shopping site, and cannot tell you how much I love these masks. I will review them in detail, but, for now, you need to know that these will soften up the heel area overnight. Will repurchase forever.
Beauty products used up in May 2014: Empties

Leaders Insolution Aqua Dressing Sheet Mask

Beauty products used up in May 2014: Empties
This also came in Luckybox 2. It was just another regular sheet mask with a generous quantity of serum. Nothing earth-shattering. Will not repurchase.

Ryoe Jayang Yunmo Anti-Hairloss Hair Pack

Beauty products used up in May 2014: Empties
Came in Luckybox 3 from Memebox. I was expecting great results here but it did not do anything for me. I think it had a tonne of menthol because the cooling sensation on my scalp bordered on burning and I had to rinse it out quickly. There was enough for just two uses. It did not have any visible - or tactile, sensuous or olfactory - results apart from the burning sensation on the scalp. I am glad to see the last of this one. Will not repurchase. 

Maybelline Baby Lips in Blueberry

Beauty products used up in May 2014: Empties
I seem to be devouring lip balms these days. This summer has been extraordinarily dry for me, despite living in humidity-haven right on the rainy coast. It must be all the airconditioning. Blueberry is my favourite in the Baby Lips range, and I have a few more to go through, not to mention a tonne of other balms. Will not repurchase right now.
The DermOrganic shampoo and the Holika Holika foot mask are absolute gems and are staples in my routine now. The hair pack is a dud. The rest of them were okay products. Have you used any of these products? Was your experience any different?

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