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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Beauty products emptied in June 2014

Beauty products emptied in June 2014 and quick reviews
Aaaand half the year is over. I hate this time of the year, even though I have some mid-year haul posts coming shortly, and a couple of palettes to swatch. Next thing you know, we'll be celebrating Christmas.
Since last month, I have been regularly pampering both my face and hair by using at least one pack or mask a week on both. Which is why you will see a bunch of sheet masks and empty hair packs here. Some, I loved. Some did nothing for me. There wasn't much that I really hated in June. Please put up with the appalling photography as usual. These were taken along with a gazillion other pictures in a tearing hurry before I left.

Here are the beauty products I used up in June 2014 and my quick thoughts on each.

Burt's Bees More Moisture Raspberry and Brazil Nut Shampoo

Sulphate-free and 98.1% natural. I have talked about this shampoo here. I love how gentle this stuff is, except that it does not do a very good job removing oil or the remnants of packs and masks. Have already repurchased, but I prefer DermOrganic to this.
Beauty products emptied in June 2014 and quick reviews

25CC Hair Booster and CP1 Ceramide Hair Repair System

My hair is long enough to reach the end of my vertebral column. These two syringes were good for three uses in all. I cannot tell you the difference between the two syringes, but they were both really good deep-conditioners without the hassle of oil. The best hair masks or packs I have used so far. I will repurchase, but only after a while, as I suspect Memebox has more of these up their sleeves in forthcoming boxes. 
Beauty products emptied in June 2014 and quick reviews

The Body Shop Clementine Body Butter

Moringa and Satsuma/Clementine are my favourite ranges from TBS. But I will not be repurchasing unless they do something about the paraben-issue and reinstate the "Against Animal Testing" label on all products sold everywhere. Huh, you ask? Read this post to know more.
Beauty products emptied in June 2014 and quick reviews

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Lotion

As above. Sorry I forgot to take an individual picture of this - it is already binned and I am far away anyway.

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Mask and Charles Worthington Deep & Intensive Conditioning Treatment

I had hoarded these for a while and dug them out during my spring cleaning. I really liked these, but prefer the Korean syringes mentioned above by a margin. Of these two, the CW mask was far better, although it was good for only one use while the Neutrogena made it to two. May not repurchase Neutrogena right now. Will repurchase CW packs as I have loved his hair range from my Uni days.
Beauty products emptied in June 2014 and quick reviews

Sheet masks: Nature Republic Super Aqua Combination Watery Mask, Dermal Vegetable Placenta Collagen Essence and Tea Tree Blemish Solution

I have written these in order of preference and hydration. The Tea Tree Blemish Solution - this is my second mask - did zilch even in terms of a hydrated feeling afterwards. Vegetable placenta is placenta of plant origin, extracted from young buds. Who knew?
Beauty products emptied in June 2014

Innisfree Minimum Soothing Mask for Sensitive Skin

This is a non-sheet, creamy mask that was good for two uses. It calmed down my skin after a rough scrubbing session. I would repurchase but you don't want to know the number of masks I have to use up.
Beauty products emptied in June 2014

Etude House AC Intense Pink Powder Spot

Reviewed here. Already repurchased twice as a set!

Parutee Nourish and Shine Shampoo

This Thai product was from my Vanity Trove Box. The smell/fragrance was nice but it felt too menthol-y for me, if you get my drift. Plus, it had sulphates. Will not repurchase.

Beauty products emptied in June 2014
Some of those hair packs were really nice. And I use up body butter and/or body lotion regularly ever since I began all-over moisturising twice daily. What products did you use up last month?

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