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Friday, July 04, 2014

Memebox Mask Edition 2 review, unboxing, giveaway

Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway
Happy 4th of July to my readers in the US!
The Memebox Mask Edition beauty box is probably Memebox's best-selling box and they have been restocking more editions until it has reached version #4. The box I am going to show you is version #2. Each restocked version is different. Why would anyone not want a beauty box containing nine mask-products, which combine pampering with skin care? Six, really, but there are two of each of some masks.
The good news is that one lucky reader is going to receive a Memebox Mask Edition #1! Not the box I am showing you, but the first one they released. And, there is another Memebox, as you will find out, and 10 Memepoints to be won, which can be used to get $10 off an order from Memebox. But before the giveaway, take a look at the box.

Here is my unboxing and review of the Memebox Mask Edition 2.

Unlike other Memeboxes, the Mask Edition comes with a pouch containing all the products.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

Here are the contents of the Mask Edition Memebox 2.

Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

Keyskin Gold Hydro Gel Eye and Spot Patches

This tin contains 60 eye patches and 30 spot patches and a spatula to preserve hygiene. The patches contain ginseng, snail extract and... gold! These are supposed to seriously moisturise the eye area and any dry patches on the face, while boosting collagen production. This is easily the most exciting product for me in this box.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway
Check out the patches. One spot patch is actually on the lid.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

Pure Smile Choosy Fruit Lip Mask

I have wanted a lip mask ever since I saw one on Musings of a Muse. Think of it as a hydrating gel mask for the lips. My lips are really dry right now, so I will be using this over the weekend. Too bad they sent out only one of these.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask

My favourite foot masks are the Tony Moly Baby Foot ones. This Purederm foot mask, like the Tony Moly ones, goes on like socks on the feet and can be removed after an hour or so but this is a peeling mask while Tony Moly's is softening and hydrating. I will let you know how I get on with this mask.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

SN Yew Tree Stem Cell Perfect Calming Soothing Mask x 2

I always had a morbid impression of yew trees thanks to Thomas Gray. Turns out their "extracts" are great for the skin. Who knew? And this mask claims to contain their "stem cell extracts". I did a spot of googling and found that "stem cell extracts" mean proteins, peptides and other factors produced by stem cells, which may "message" the skin to boost collagen production. I have got two of these in this box.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

LJH Tea Tree Mask x 2

This promises to control excess sebum, which is why I am looking forward to using it. Also sent in a pair. I love that they sent out two of each sheet mask! I really hope these help control oil production.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway

Leaders Insolution Coconut Bio Mask With Tomato

Made of 100% coconut jelly. Memebox has sent this out in a regular beauty box before, but I have not used mine yet.

Aqua Dressing Bio Medi-Curing Mask

Also made of coconut jelly, this is supposed to dramatically reduce fine lines, which is why I have no idea if this mask does what it says despite having used it in May 2014, since I do not have fine lines yet.
Memebox Mask Edition beauty box review, unboxing and giveaway
Another brilliant Memebox, and a really good deal for $23. I wish I had ordered Mask edition vol. 1 now. Mask Edition vol 4 is available here now, along with a bunch of new Memeboxes, Superboxes and value-for-money combo-sets here. You can use my referral code NS8OZ9 to get $5 off your order until July 31. Another code, TRYMEMEBOX, is good for $15 off until July 8, and MEMEBUNDLE3 is good for an extra $5 off through the month, but that is when you buy three boxes. No code can be used more than once or combined with another.

Now for the giveaway. Here are the prizes:
And, the rules:
  1. This giveaway is open only to those who live in countries where Memebox ships. You can find out the names of the countries at the bottom of this link.
  2. This giveaway is also open only to those who already have an account or will create one on the Memebox website, so that they can receive their prizes.
  3. Memebox sponsors the giveaway and sends out the prizes and decides who gets what. I only host and facilitate.
  4. Please do not tag me, the winners or anyone else on any of my social media channels.
  5. Please do NOT enter with multiple accounts. I will disqualify you. Also, please DO NOT ask me to choose you as a winner, even as a joke. 
  6. Please comment with name of your favourite Memebox and tell me what you would buy with the Memepoints.
  7. This giveaway is open until just after the third-place playoff (FIFA World Cup) ends on July 12, without counting extra time or shootouts!
  8. I will need the winners' names, shipping addresses, telephone numbers and Memebox account email IDs.
  9. I will announce the results on the 12th by late evening. You MUST check back, and respond within 24 hours, latest by noon July 13. If not, I will pick another winner.
For the complete list of rules and liabilities, see terms and conditions at the end of the Rafflecopter widget. And, if you cannot see the widget due to glitches, go here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
P.S. Please sign this petition to get Memebox to ship to every country around the world. That would mean everyone can enter future giveaways!
Disclosure: The box reviewed is a PR sample, sent for editorial consideration. The opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. I have not been compensated in any way for hosting this giveaway.

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