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Monday, February 16, 2015

Fun Ingredients Memebox review, unboxing

Beauty products featuring wine, cheese, honey and bananas, in fun packaging. 

Fun Ingredients Memebox review, unboxing

Recently, Memebox had an absolutely fun beauty box out - they called it the "Fun Ingredients" box. This was a "n@kedbox", which means you could see the contents beforehand and then place your order; no nasty surprises. I took one look at two keywords - wine and cheese - and placed my order. I had already bought the Wine and Cheese Memebox, unboxed here, but the products listed with the Fun box appeared more useable. Anyway, you can never have enough wine or cheese. The other ingredients included honey and banana - with all that goodness in your skincare, you cannot go wrong.
The term "fun" did not really translate into kooky, cutesy or weird ingredients, as you will see below.
Because the products were already revealed beforehand, I did not have the fun of guessing but I wanted red wine instead of white wine for the face mask - and I was lucky enough to get it, for once!

Read on for my review and unboxing of the Fun Ingredients Memebox.

I received:
  1. May Springs Banana & Moringa Awesome Cream 60gm
  2. Skinaz Mozzarella Cheese Cream 80ml
  3. Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk
  4. Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask (Red Wine) 120ml
  5. Original Raw Honey Finger Essence 100ml
Fun Ingredients Memebox review, unboxing
Five full-sized products there; first impressions below.

Skinaz Mozzarella Cheese Cream

I am officially addicted to cheese creams; this is as smooth and stringy as the Dear by Enprani Bounce Cheese Cream made infamous by Memebox, but this is a lighter and better-smelling version. The other was just too darn dairy-smelling. This contains quark cheese and shea butter and is as "stringy" as the Bounce Cheese Cream. I haven't had greasy residue or breakouts so far.
 Skinaz Mozzarella Cheese Cream

Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask (Red Wine)

What can anyone possibly dislike about a red wine face mask? I'll tell you - having to rinse it off. Well, you don't have to rinse this mask off, as it is a sleeping mask that you can keep on all night. I don't need to tell you about the benefits of wine - resveratrol is a great antioxidant for the skin, while polyphenol removes dead skin cells and impurities. In addition, this paraben-free mask contains rosemary, lavender, thyme, cocoa, violet and balsam extracts. This mask comes in white wine and red wine versions; I am glad I got the red version. I used to be a white wine-person; of late, I'm loving red wine more. The label says this is Cabernet Sauvignon-based. Who else loves that grape?
 Holika Holika Wine Therapy Sleeping Mask (Red Wine)

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

How cute IS this packaging? I am going to have to keep on this jar forever just because. The hand lotion is very light and smells great. Already deployed into use since I've just used up the Mangchee hand cream from the Wine and Cheese Memebox.
 Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk  Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Hand Milk

May Springs Banana & Moringa Awesome Cream 

This is a BODY cream. Yay! I have been lax about all-over moisturising of late, and this great-smelling, non-greasy cream, with banana and my favourite moringa, is just what I want to get back to my routine. The label promises "cosmic" levels of hydration. The cream also contains olive oil, macadamia oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, camellia oil, sweet almond oil, argania kernel oil and jojoba oil. So the promises of "cosmic" hydration may actually be true.
 May Springs Banana & Moringa Awesome Cream

Original Raw Honey Finger Essence 

Initially, I thought this was actually an essence for fingers! Kind of like a hand cream. Turns out this is for the face. An "essence", in the Korean skincare regimen, is applied after cleansing and toning and serum-application and is a deep-moisturising liquid that promotes absorption of the serum and moisturiser. Honey is great for anti-ageing and for getting rid of dark spots. This contains niacinamide and adenosine. I expected it to be thick and greasy; it is actually quite runny and thin and smells sweet and pleasant without being sickly. I am awaiting a new moisture-meter; once it comes in, I'll review the hydrating effects of these in detail.
 Original Raw Honey Finger Essence


This was one of the best Memeboxes I have received in a while. I love the products chosen; everything is great for a pampering weekend. Anything with wine and cheese is always welcome. A delicious box. I also like that EVERY single product in this box can be used.
However, I would probably not call this the "Fun Ingredients" box and instead name it the "Edible ingredients" box or something - wine, cheese, bananas and honey are all edible rather than fun as such. This box cost $40, which is a bit more than usual Memeboxes, but given the quality of products inside and the brands sent out - Tony Moly, Holika Holika - rather than the usual unpronounceable brands, I'm not complaining; it is definitely value for money.
Memebox hasn't been very regular about beauty boxes or maintained the "wow" quality since November 2014, so I'm not sure what is in store from them. Do check out the Pony Makeup Memebox here, a collab with YouTuber Pony's Beauty Diary - HOW does that woman have such an unbelievably flawless face - and other Memeboxes on sale now here. One would think bloggers, unlike glossy magazines, would have blemishes on their skin, but it turns out that only I comply to that rule.

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